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Rob Zombie and his five favorite chinkororo

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Marathon tops from existing foreign figures of genre cinema coming to a final stage. In previous releases, shared his opinion of the actors Bruce Campbell, Tobin bell, Mike Monroe and Director Joe Dante. The next step – the shock-rocker and horror Director Rob Zombie.

I could make this list forever, so I decided to just choose at random five because I have these times when I watch the same movie many times. I don’t know why – I like kicking something. The last time I was aching while watching “Dracula”, the 1931 version with Bela Lugosi, I watched it again and again and again.
I love everything connected with 30 years. The 1930s is my absolutely favorite time period for horror movies because they were so crazy and sick. Sometimes I watch those movies and think, “Wow, how far they went.” Then, of course, came censored and ruined the fun. When I watch movies of the 1940s, those seem so dry and “homemade” that everything was filmed in the 30s, looks on this background, just amazing.Top Rob Zombie

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