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Road map updates Friday the 13th: The Game

Company Gun Media, publisher multipleernoj slasher Friday the 13th: The Game, published road map, which shows all the DLC that should appear in the game until the end of the year. And there is something to see, among other things.

Among the next updates — a package of emotions, which we have often heard. Followed by a pack of bikini and underwear “Spring break 84” and, more interestingly, Jason in four “Friday the 13th”. About the map from the same movie we already know.

Further mention of the new counselors, which you can then chop the cabbage as the old one. New ways of shredding the victims are attached. Then another pack with clothes.

Interestingly, pumpkin implies some surprise on Halloween? Curious.

Most importantly, and sad, the single player is moved to the end of the year.

Word, see for yourself. Here and two new maps, and two Jason’s, and a lot more.

As far as we know, at the moment, the developers IllFonic are struggling with polishing the game for consoles. Boxed edition should come out in October, on Friday the 13th.

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