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Rita Dakota spoke about the conflict 55-year-old Valentina Ivanova, with a young wife

Every day the scandal in the family of 55-year-old millionaire Valentina Ivanova and 18-year-old model Liza Adamenko inflames all more strongly. First, the Network got a letter to the top Manager of “LUKOIL” in which he accused the young wife of infidelity, and later she wrote on her husband’s statement to the police, accused of assault and battery.

Lisa said that it all happened in new York where they, together with Valentin arrived to take part in the filming of the clip of the singer Rita Dakota. One night the couple decided to hold the club, where the spouse was jealous of Lisa and beaten. In the end the girl had the day to spend in the clinic.

Journalists tried to find out details of the story from Dakota. The singer did not deny that really shoots new video, but the main role it plays is not Adamenko and Ivanov also acts as a producer of the movie. In Instagram the singer published a photo with the heroine of the clip and asked the media her not to bother.

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“Here it is, my Chikurachki of a new video appeared today contrary to some articles. No other “women’s roles” in the video is not, respectively. Here in this cast we remove our miracle, and today is the final day of shooting, we added a fine actor (male). I ask the press not to call me anymore on the subject other mythical “characters”, they are not expected and they do not appear in my video works. Well, everyone who is interested not for the scandals and gossip, and my music and creativity — you have no idea what we’re up to and what fire we have a scenario”, — has signed a frame artist (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Meanwhile, Ivanov said to journalists that didn’t hurt the young wife. The millionaire says that Lisa accuses him of assault on the grounds of mental illness, which she was diagnosed with doctors. According to the businessman, he has seen the videos that prove infidelity Adamenko — now these videos, replete with the entire Internet. Valentin is going to get a divorce.

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