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Riots in the CBD could be the beginning of big problems in the North Caucasus

Массовые волнения в КБР могут стать началом больших проблем на всем Северном Кавказе

Sudden 18 Sep inter-ethnic clashes in Kabardino-Balkaria has covered several settlements, and spread even to the capital of the Republic — Nalchik. To keep the situation under control and to stabilize the political situation in the Republic urgently sent additional units of Regardie from neighboring regions.

Mass unrest began on Wednesday in Balkar villages kendelen and Zayukovo. On the same day the situation escalated and in Nalchik. On Wednesday near the building of the government of the Republic, the Concorde square, gathered several hundred young people with Circassian flags, staged clashes with the police. Judging by the numerous videos from social networks, the protesters dispersed from the area soon after nightfall.

A spontaneous rally of Circassian (Kabardian) youth was a response to the events on Tuesday. Residents of the Balkar villages kendelen refused to let members of equestrian hike, which was organized and headed by well-known in the Republic public figure Ibrahim Yaganov trot, in his time as a volunteer participating in the Georgian-Abkhaz war.

The campaign was timed to the 310th anniversary of the victory in cengelkoy battle, which still remains one of the most controversial chapters in the history of the Caucasus. As for the Circassian and Turkic ethnic groups. It is believed that in this battle in 1708 Circassian militia defeated the outnumbering armies of the Crimean Khan Kaplan Giray, who demanded from the local population, the payment of large tribute.

In honor of an anniversary of the battle group Kabardian horsemen under the leadership of Yaganov orderly went up on the mountain of Kangal. On the way back they had to proceed by Balkar village of kendelen. Balkar youth took this as a blatant challenge. The party remained and hottest Circassians — they wanted the horsemen certainly not marched by, and directly through the center of the village.

As part of the Kabardians and Balkars to Kendelen massively moved excited young people — hundreds of people on each side. The situation was heated so that the country urgently it was necessary to send units of Regardie from North Ossetia and Stavropol territory. On the streets of the village there was even an APC. To separate the warring sides, the security forces in Kendelen used tear gas and even were forced to shoot into the air. Among the participants of mass disorders detained more than forty people.

In the official report of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on the matter reads: “Unidentified persons, refusing to fulfill legal demands of the law enforcement officers used physical violence against representatives of the authorities and tried to provoke a clash of parties, including posting on social networks of false information about what is happening, but also calling for the incitement of hatred and enmity on grounds of nationality”.

Because of the riots completely blocked the road from Nalchik to Tyrnyauz. And on the road leading to the famous ski resort in the Elbrus region, were allowed to pass only tourist buses.

The unrest spread to the village of Zayukovo, which also had to pull forces of Regardie and the police. Mass detention is held on Tuesday and around Baksan, the second largest city of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, through which the road is laid in the nal column of highly excited activists it tried to proceed to the capital of the Republic.

The investigative Committee of the CBI announced about the inspection on the fact of violence to the authorities in Kendelen and placement of extremist appeals on the Internet. Other official reports from the security forces there. Neither the number of victims in Kendelen, Baksan and Nalchik, nor the number of detainees is not reported.

It is significant that the authorities of Kabardino-Balkaria, too, still keep silence about inter-ethnic clashes. By the morning of 20 September, spoke on this occasion only Senator of the Republic and its former head Arsen Kanokov and the Republican mufti Khazretali Dzasejev. But preferred stock phrases, urging both sides to remain calm.

About the situation in Kabardino-Balkaria “Free press” talked to the Director of the Center for analysis and conflict prevention, PhD in political Sciences Ekaterina Sokiryanskaya.

“SP”: — Ekaterina Leonidovna, in social networks appeared information that the events in Kabardino-Balkaria — is an attempt to destabilize the situation in the Republic made by the enemies of the head of the region Yuri Kokov. You believe in such a scenario? Or is there are objective prerequisites in the form of unresolved issues that led to such massive collisions?

— So far, I haven’t talked to people on the ground, so about provocateurs trying to hurt Kokofu, just don’t know. But the objective prerequisites for the aggravation of the situation there. We are talking about them.

The delineation of the inter-settlement territories in the Republic is not solved after all. On the contrary — aggravated land issues in the CBD steadily. And the voltage between the Kabardians and Balkars growing. In connection with unresolved land issues — first and foremost.

In General, a national issue in the last two years becomes relevant again throughout the North Caucasus.

“SP”: — And what is, in your mind?

— It seems to me that the tension in the local society as a whole is growing. As you know, the frustration of looking for the exit. And the easiest way to channel them against a neighbor of a different nationality, with whom there is a long history of land disputes, tense relations and political competition.

“SP”: — I Think, the same sharp conflicts may arise in other regions of the North Caucasus?

Yeah, my first thought when I read the news from CBI, was just that: this is not an isolated case. In Kabardino-Balkaria still not so intense as in the kazbekovskiy district of Dagestan, for example. Or — in the Prigorodny district of North Ossetia-Alania. Under adverse circumstances, and where everything is possible. See, how many alarm signals

“SP”: — Why decisive action is taken by the Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities?

— FADH has no authority to begin to unravel the complicated tangles of ethnic conflicts in the North Caucasus.

“SP”: — Then, probably, it’s not about credentials, but about the political will of Moscow.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. Now the main task is to maintain stability in the North Caucasus. And the powers the Agency will open, if the top given the setting to solve this issue.

As for CBD, it seems, was afraid of: once in kazbekovskiy district will begin mobilization of both communities to help them move and Kabardians and Balkars. Therefore, the conflicting parties will spread quickly. This had Resguardo to catch up.

I think, I hope now everything is correct. And the excuse is not too deep for this collision. But the system prerequisites is not going anywhere…

“SP”: — what do you suggest exactly to do to such conflicts in the North Caucasus are not repeated?

— All my references are old and boring. First, carefully untangle every conflict. To create a more free political system, when people can influence the government, their lives, to what is happening around. So they can speak freely, not to accumulated anger, which then is easy to manipulate.

We need systemic political, economic and social reforms. Plus the resolution is really difficult to land and territorial conflicts. Everything else is just cosmetic repairs. Or do not repair and make-up.

From the files of “SP”

In cengelkoy the battle of the Circassian army led by Prince Kurgoko Atazhukina inflicted a crushing defeat numerically superior Horde of the Crimean Khan Kaplan Giray, consisting of Turks and Crimean Tatars. That day 7 thousand of Kabardian horsemen sudden night strike in a mountain gorge partially destroyed, and partially routed approximately 20 thousand came for the tribute to the land of the Crimeans and the Turks.

In 2013, the Institute of Russian history noted that the battle of mount Kangal “is of vital importance in national history of the Kabardins, Balkars, and Ossetians”.

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