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“Right Sector” has publicly supported the Auto Euro Force

"Правый Сектор" публично поддержал Авто Евро СилуThe head of the party said that the car is not a luxury, and taxes should be adequate.

Political party “Right sector” from the very beginning supported car owners in the European rooms. This was announced by party leader Andrei Tarasenko.

“Our political force the Right sector supported them from the beginning. I remember when they organized the first rally under the Verkhovna Rada – we went along with them,” he said.

On the question of equality of car owners on the Ukrainian rooms and avtonomera, Tarasenko announced that everyone should pay taxes equally small.

“You should also buy a car, but pay little taxes. If you can afford to pay huge taxes when buying a car, the poor man just can’t afford it. And the car, as you know, this vehicle, not a luxury,” said Tarasenko.

Also according to him, the environmental situation in Ukraine much worse effect the cars manufactured in the Soviet Union than those which are brought from Europe.

“Old cars in Ukraine, there were many before. Production of the Soviet Union, that 20, 30, 40 years and they still go. And they are much worse in environmental terms than what comes from Europe” – said Tarasenko.

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