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Ridley Scott said that “someone else” Neill Blomkamp will never see the light of day

Remember how we rejoiced to learn that the Creator of “District 9” and “Elysium”, talented Director, Neil Blomkamp will take the “Alien 5”? In 2015, the year everything seemed in the ointment: the Studio 20th Century Fox gave the go-ahead, and Ridley Scott had worked as a producer.

On the idea of Blomkamp that was supposed to be a direct sequel to “Aliens” by James Cameron, developing the story of Ellen Ripley and corporal Dwayne Hicks. Accordingly, the main role was played by Sigourney weaver and Michael Bina. Blomkamp was going to put some kind of a beautiful point in the adventures of Ripley, and it sounded cool, what can I say. However, it turns out that this film was to ignore the events of the third and fourth part, I am still very confused. Yes, even the fourth part would be a little sad. A film by David Fincher in spite of all the complexity of his creation turned out awesome, right? Have finished the story of the clone Ripley if you really want something to complete.

Anyway, these plans don’t seem to come true. And not only that Ridley Scott are actively figachit continue his “Prometheus”. Here’s how he recently commented on the situation with the project Blomkamp French resource Allocine:

I think he will never see the light of day, ‘ said Ridley Scott, explaining that the project is dead in the Bud. — There was no script, just an idea that has developed in a dozen pages. I had to participate as a producer, but it has not moved forward because Fox decided I didn’t want to do it.

Well, at least we have Napoleonic plans of Scott, and it seems, will stop at nothing.

The Russian premiere of his closest pictures of “Alien: Testament” will be held may 18, 2017.

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