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Ridley Scott may resort to digital rejuvenation Sigourney weaver in the upcoming “Strangers”

Sooner or later the story started by “Prometheus” and continued “Testament,” should lead us to the original “Alien” 1979. Direct questions about when it will happen, the father of the franchise, Ridley Scott until, of course, remained silent. Dark, or maybe more accurately did not know. But he answered another question. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

During the interview, Empire magazine asked him, is it possible that we will again see Sigourney weaver in the form of a young Ellen Ripley, because modern technologies allow to do this? And Ridley Scott admitted that he really thought about it, and does not exclude this option. According to him, John Logan is currently working on the development of their history, and they know exactly where to go. Well, that’s good.

By the way, the following rooms will be elegant Empire cover in the spirit of Hans Giger.

Meanwhile, Scott has big plans for the xenomorphs themselves: yet, at least, six films, and tightening with them, he is not going to. In March, the Director has given a hint about the painting, entitled “Awakening”, which “literally and logically leads us to the original “Alien”,” and it seems that this story will unfold between the events of “Prometheus” and “Testament.” In short, confusing.

Well, return weaver to the role of young Ripley with the digital rejuvenation is very good. This technology has now reached amazing results and yet it is not a computer copy of the actor, and he himself, with his facial expressions and charm. To recall Robert Downey Jr. in the movie “the First avenger: the Confrontation”, great job! So stock up patience.

While waiting for the premiere of “Alien: Covenant” 18 may 2017and then see what will happen there. And by the way, there is a perception that Sigourney weaver is invisible role in the upcoming film.

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