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Riddles the us death Valley. Photo

Загадки американской Долины смерти. ФотоDeath valley seems to be in place, fully relevant to its name.

This creepy place is located in the United States on the border of California and Nevada. Valley is an intermountain depression in the area of the Mojave desert and Great Basin.

Death valley is a place of abnormally high temperatures, but its name is misleading. In fact, in this place full of life. Here are 10 facts about Death Valley that you might not know.

Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

1. Warning of high temperatures.

In the summer of 2001 in the Valley of Death was the temperature of 38°C for 154 days in a row. Temperature record in the Valley was 56.7°C recorded on 10 July 1913.

Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

2. The moving rocks.

One of the greatest mysteries of the Valley of Death is a curious movement of rocks and boulders. The movement of the stones has remained a mystery, but now scientists believe that the cause of the movement became large, but thin sections of ice formed after freezing in previous frosty nights.

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Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

3. Death valley was formerly a lake.

It’s hard to believe, but one of the hottest and driest places on Earth was once covered with water. It was approximately 12 thousand years ago during the Pleistocene ice age.

Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

4. How Death Valley got its name.

During the California gold rush, countless for gold hunters tried to cross the Valley of Death to reach the gold fields, hoping to make a fortune. Not all have succeeded. In 1849 a group of people lost in the valley, but still managed to get out. Leaving the valley, one of the women in the group turned and said, “goodbye, death valley!”, thus giving it its present name.

Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

5. Charles Manson.

Barker ranch is an old ranch located deep in the valley where a serial killer Charles Manson had planned their crimes and were hiding from persecution.

Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

6. Underground catacombs.

The Indians for many centuries, kept a legend about a man who went in search of his missing wife and found himself in a large underground amphitheater. Just folklore? However, many people reported the detection of underground caves and catacombs directly under the valley.

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Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

7. The devil’s hole and the rarest fish in the world.

It is a dark water-filled chasm in the limestone cave. Scientists believe it was formed 60 million years ago. And yet it is home to rare fish devil minnow.

Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

8. The crater in the valley.

Ubkb crater is a large volcanic crater nearly a mile wide and more than 230 meters deep.

Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

9. In the Valley of Death filmed Star wars.

Fans of the Saga know that the valley has become a platform for shooting a dozen scenes of the film. The dry desert was an ideal place for filming of the planet Tatooine.

Загадки американской Долины смерти. Фото

10. Desert colors.

Hard to believe, but in the valley you can meet a whole field of beautiful wild flowers. Yellow, pink, purple ink was diluted to a dry and hostile landscape.

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