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Riddles, hidden on the depths of the ocean. Photo

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото The ocean hides many interesting things.

About the peculiarities of the water element of humanity knows very little, in percentage of the number examined only 3-5% of the ocean depths. Secrets in the ocean countless. It opens them gradually and reluctantly. But some still agreed to share.

The illusion of an underwater waterfall, can be observed off the coast of the Peninsula Le Morne Brabant (Mauritius).

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

There are powerful currents, creating turbulence sand and silt carried by water over an uneven bottom, dotted with coral. The impression that the water flows in a cascade flow down along the bottom, creating an underwater waterfall.

In the Indian ocean mariners for hundreds of years noticed that there in certain places the water has a blue glow.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

This phenomenon was fascinated by all the sailors. Only recently, in 2005, was solved the mystery of the glow. The effect of shining milk give water bacteria with bioluminescent properties. They “light up” for luring marine life.

In Oregon on the ocean coast there is a mysterious vortex, they call it the “gates of the underworld”.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

During high tides in padina filled with water, and, reaching the bottom, splashed to a height of 6 meters. How did “well”, scientists still don’t know, no one has ever fallen into it. Assuming that the funnel is connected with the ocean by underwater caves.

Sometimes in the rainy season, coastal waters of the seas and oceans become red.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

Red tide is formed by a sharp mass reproduction of brown algae. This biomass consumes all the oxygen, making the water unsuitable for life.

Surreal ice flowers can be seen on the Arctic ocean.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

They “bloom” when the air over the water becomes dry and its temperature is lower than the water surface. Oceanic meadow flowers can arise directly in the eyes, instantly grow flowers 8-10 cm in diameter.

The Bermuda triangle is located in the Atlantic ocean. In the Quiet there is its counterpart.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

Place near Miyakejima island called Dragon’s triangle, it is frequently exposed to powerful storms and storms that arise out of nowhere. In this region live no fish, no birds, and the fishermen are trying to stay away from him.

And here is another place which has a bad reputation. It is located off the coast of West Africa and is called the Strait of Good Hope. For several hundred years there was wrecked many ships. The main reasons they became unstable weather and large waves that oceanographers called episodic. Waves of great height which can reach 30 meters.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

Their formation is connected with the superposition of waves on one another, and the occasional wave height is equal to the sum of the heights of these coherent waves. Occasionally wave without changing its shape, and can extend to large distances with saving their energy. In front of the waves formed of the same great depression.

Of course, in the ocean there are still many places where there are such giant waves, but the Cape of Good Hope, they are particularly dangerous.

At the meeting of the Baltic and North seas formed a clear boundary – the halocline would like called this phenomenon Jacques Cousteau.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

It is connected with different “structures” of water: temperature, density, salinity level. This phenomenon can be observed in Denmark.

In some ocean waters inhabited by snakes became submerged by them by coincidence.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

Before they were ground creatures. Then for some unknown reason, moved into the water and hunt there on their victims. Snakes can breathe, absorbing oxygen from water through the skin. Having stayed under water for a few hours, they rise to the surface to breathe.

Huge terrible force of the whirlpool is a phenomenon peculiar to the narrow Straits, which are characterized by the periods of the tides.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

The peaks in these processes face different directions, giving the funnel, which may be the wreck of ships.

In the Norwegian sea there is a whirlpool of the Maelstrom. It is not as big as in the Sargasso sea, but also terrifies the sailors. The vortex occurs twice a day.

In the center of the crater appears cavity in which the water level in tens of meters below sea level, and the energy of the vortex, as estimated by oceanographers ten times the energy of conventional current. But that’s not all: about once every six months the whirlpool changes its direction.

Divers are sometimes able to deal with the underwater creature like Agnelli, or scientifically, pyrosoma.

Загадки, скрываемые глубинами океана. Фото

Marine free-floating colonial animals. This accumulation of many small creatures that, when combined, can reach the size of a whale.

Pyrosoma are some of the rarest creatures on Earth. To meet them under water anyway to meet a real unicorn. And to shoot them on camera and even managed a few times. Even in the depths of the ocean, which is literally teeming with different unimaginable creatures, giant pyrosoma remains one of the strangest…

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