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Revolutionary inventions, which are regretted by their creators. Photo

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. ФотоThey did not expect such a result.

The modern world has largely been so because of the minds of great people. These people dream that was considered impossible and has succeeded to turn their dreams into reality. Their determination and brilliance, no doubt, made life much better for everyone on this planet. But among geniuses who literally changed the world, there are a few people later offered about his inventions.

1. Dynamite

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. Фото

The life story of Alfred Nobel is very interesting. This man, who was an industrialist, engineer and inventor, later became synonymous with “the world” due to its Foundation of the Nobel prize. In 1860, a scientist was looking for ways of how you can effectively blow up the stone, and he found that by mixing nitroglycerin with silica, obtained an explosive mixture, which he called dynamite.

However, seeing as everywhere dynamite began to be used in order to kill and maim people, Nobel regretted his own invention. Therefore, he bequeathed the bulk of his inheritance went into creating the unique Foundation for rewarding people who have made a positive change in the world.

2. The atomic bomb

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. Фото

Julius Robert Oppenheimer, considered the “father of the atomic bomb”, was appointed Director of the Los Alamos laboratory during world war II. Countries fought each other, millions of people were dying every day, and it seemed like it would never end. When you create atomic bombs, all employees of the research group believed that they create a safer world for themselves and their citizens.

However, having seen the mass destruction of hundreds of thousands of Japanese with their invention, they greatly regretted that created the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer in recent years, said that his group had made a huge mistake at creation of weapons of mass destruction.

3. AK74

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. Фото

Mikhail Kalashnikov, who created the famous gun AK74 is one of a long list of people who later regretted their inventions. Michael passed away in 2013, and he died knowing that he had created a weapon of mass terror. When he was doing your machine, it does not believed that it will be the most popular weapon for terrorists and dictators around the world.

In his last years, Kalashnikov wrote a letter to the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, asked a few questions which tormented him for decades. He wondered whether he is guilty in the millions of deaths caused by his weapon. Also, Kalashnikov wondered why God allowed man to have that kind of cruelty, greed and aggressiveness.

4. The Game “Flappy Bird”

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. Фото

It’s time to move on to easier content. In 2013 on the online markets there was a game for mobile devices, which the world had suddenly gone mad. This game was “Flappy Bird”, and developed it Vietnamese Dong Nguyen. In the end, he began to hate his own game, which became extremely popular.

While others like it when their creations have conquered the world, in the case of Nguyen, it was the opposite. At the peak of popularity of Flappy Bird brought in $ 50,000 a day, which was an astronomical sum for a poor independent game developer. But the attention the game attracted to him, did Nguyen miserable and ruined his life.

5. Pop-up ads

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. Фото

The Internet is one thing that is insanely annoying for all users. We are talking about pop-up advertising. The funny part is, she hated even by its Creator. Ethan Zuckerman in 90-e years worked in web site that sells content and services to alumni. Later, the company became a hosting provider, and she needed more money from advertising to keep your business afloat.

That’s why Zuckerman wrote the code that runs the ads in a separate window rather than directly on the website. This was done to allow brands more worried about the fact that advertising their goods or services must be associated with a content site that hosts it. Years later Ethan gave an interview in which he apologized for his extremely annoying invention.

6. Double slash

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. Фото

Many may not know about Tim Berners-Lee, but anyone who has ever used the Internet, saw one of his creations. Developing HTML, Berners-Lee changed the world forever, but he regretted one thing. We are talking about the double slash or double slash.

During the creation of the double slash was used to separate the Protocol name and the rest of the web address. But later it turned out that only required a colon. Today, the browser automatically inserts “http: //” before any web address, but there was a time when I had to do it manually, which is quite annoying.

7. Office “cubicle”

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. Фото

Everyone who works in the office, where jobs are delimited by partitions into a tiny “cage homes” (so-called “cubicle”), probably cursing whoever invented them. In fact, this invention was made with good intentions, but turned into the opposite of what it was intended.

Robert Dean originally created office cabin, allowing employees to have more freedom while working (and then often in the offices there was a terrible noise, and the tables of people stood close to each other).

The first prototypes cubicle was more spacious and allowed people to gain at least some privacy, while retaining the ability to interact with other employees. But businessmen because of the desire to save money and to place in the premises as more employees began to make cubicly less in size.

8. Pepper spray

Революционные изобретения, о которых пожалели их же создатели. Фото

Kamran Logman again is another inventor who has been completely shocked by the misuse of his invention. Logman has developed for the FBI non-lethal weapons, which today is known as pepper spray.

He even wrote recommendations for its use, because in some situations, the aerosol can be very dangerous. But recent abuse of his product, especially by the police, forced the Logman regret that he ever made such.

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