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Revolt in Russia

Бунт на России

Here’s a crap, folks.

I have already written, and I repeat that the relations between “people” and “authorities” in Russia is not even superficially similar to the relationship between “citizens” and “public authorities”. This is the most that neither is a pure, refined, the kind of relationship between “prisoners” and “camp administration”.

In Russia there are no “citizens”, there are “prisoners”. In Russia there is no “government officials” is “representative of the camp administration”. In Russia there are no “settlements” is “camp” and “camp points”.

There, in one of the concentration camps of Mordor, under the name of “Ekaterinburg” happened, let’s call a spade a spade, a riot of prisoners.

How to say – “rebellion”. As is usually the rebel prisoners in the Russian camps. It will come and will walk on the street. With the permission of the camp administration, of course. Then come out and stand up. With the permission of the camp administration, of course.

Well, make some noise sometimes, without permission. But being punished for it, but because prisoners are trying not to make noise.

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In short they are there today either walked, or stood. And it seems like even noise. In a sign of protest. Because local glavpop decided to build their camp with another Church in addition to polutrilliona already standing there.

My God, what a snot delight now smeared on this occasion in our cozy pasbocace. This “beginning of a real protest,” and that “the awakening of civil consciousness” and the like.

The Lord is with you, gentlemen, what is “civic consciousness”. A prison riot is just a riot of prisoners. Well pabotaet a bit and go out, as usual. Without consequences. More precisely, the consequences will be, but only for those who sumel without permission.

Common. Today they are rebelling against the Church, and tomorrow in the same part will go to rebel against those “wrong nationality”. Or against the fifth column.

Only thing they will never rebel, so it is against their captivity. All their mutiny is not a rebellion against the camp sasami, and the requirement to make this camp the system more comfortable. That the administration did not become bitter. That the administration not only demanded the prisoners to follow the rules, but kept them. That the administration punished the prisoners fair and not arbitrary. Freedom to gain? The Lord is with you, the top dreams of the Russian convict is to get into the camp administrators. And the most terrible nightmare of the camp of the administrator is to be a simple prisoner.

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That’s their whole simple life.

To help them want? To help you out? To help change them one concentration camp to another?

Today a friend of mine, recently escaped outside the camp, wrote in his pasbocace that how he would want today to be in Yekaterinburg…

And I told him that if he continue to have such desires, it means that escaping from Mordor, he is a freedom not found, and still continues to identify himself as a prisoner of Mordor.

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