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Review Vertex Impress Nero: the first metal budget smartphone with screen 18:9

A couple of years ago, the phrase “budget smartphone” made to fear. But what else? If almost all models price up to 10 thousand rubles looked scary, but was intermittent and lags, and long – due to weak batteries. Today the situation has changed. Of course, not all cheap smartphones at one point suddenly become beautiful. But in any case, in the category of “10 thousand” a worthy model, which is a pleasure to use. And that is quite a nice look. In this review we will focus on the smartphone Vertex Impress Nero. As you probably have guessed, this is such a cute inexpensive smartphone, which besides the pleasure to use. And if it is not the first of its kind, one of the very few such comfortable and cool externally the public sector. And, besides, one of the most inexpensive devices of this type – 6 900 rubles.

The brand Vertex is, in principle, the other could not expect. Where such confidence? Well, it’s not a typical Russian little-known brand of the second echelon, of which bulk. And, well, very large company with quite a rich more than 10-year history and serious positions on the market. For example, such fact: by the end of 2017 Vertex took sixth place in Russia in sales of smartphones, ahead of ZTE, Micromax and Sony. Vertex – the first in sales of Russian-brand smartphone, which is ahead of all the other “colleagues”. How such zeal? Have brand Vertex the number of features which should be clearly defined before setting out to explore Vertex Impress Nero. That is, in fact, these features:

• Vertex – the first In quality among brands. In fact he has a level of international A-brand that is the manufacturer of the first echelon. The level of marriage, the Vertex does not exceed of 1.97%, whereas most of the other local B-brands of smart phones it usually exceeds 10%. It turns out that Vertex provides a level of quality, of both large Korean, American and Japanese companies. And is the first in quality among brands of smartphones.

• Vertex does not spend money on flashy marketing and ads like other Russian B-brands – for example, sponsoring a football team. And does not anyone do not need much rock festivals. What does this mean for the consumer? Yes, the most direct! Invited brand X musicians at some get-together, gave them money, and to pay for it will have to buyers of smartphones X. Because of such investments in marketing smartphones – what? Right, expensive. So Vertex such “invisible” by pumping money out of consumers are not engaged – no festivals, no football clubs, no “faces of the brand” from the sugary pop stars. And therefore the Vertex has the opportunity to invest in more important things – the quality of their smartphones and that we list below on this list.

• Vertex – the first In design among brands. The smartphones of this brand, of course, no match for iPhone X for 70 thousand rubles, but explicitly allocated in a better way against the products of the same In other brands producing cheap smartphones.

• The Vertex is actually the only brand that thinks about the unique features of their devices. Therefore, the Vertex line of smartphones built so that almost every unit is something unique – a “first” or “most” in any field.

The last point requires some specific examples and we’ll bring them back. For example, Vertex Impress Impress Tor and Grip is protected first budget smartphones with Qualcomm chipsets. So, and with normal operating navigation. With chipset Qualcomm satellites GLONASS and GPS are searched for immediately, and in the process of navigating their smartphones do not lose. Or take, for example, Vertex Impress Luck: this is the most affordable smartphone in the Russian market, its price is slightly above 3 000. It is quite interesting characteristics. And manufactured at the same high ideological and artistic level (including quality control), and other models of the brand. In General, once phones the Vertex is always the “first” and “most”.

Model Vertex Impress Nero, too, the first in a certain area. Namely, this is the first budget smartphone, which combines two key design trend of late 2017 all 2018. What are we talking about? About the screen format 18:9 with rounded corners and metal rear panel. Yes, there are other models with the same aspect ratio of the display. But they, at the same price of the plastic, and tactile sensations because of this much worse. Whether it is Vertex Impress Nero: this device is nice and solid metal “back.” He stands at 6 900 rubles, which allows it to include it to the budget category.

In General, more to the point – let’s get acquainted with the machine!

Design and management
What’s that, and the design of the Vertex Impress Nero definitely succeeded. Turned out very nice camera, and it is a fact which will be difficult to argue even ardent lover of cheap tubes. This is perhaps the first in a long time, the smartphone brand that really “sticks” with its design. In fact, this level And brand. This could look like a budget smartphone Xiaomi. Or LG. And even some Samsung.

Screen format 18:9 – recall that this is one of the key smartphone trends of our time – is a tangible part of the area of the front panel. Of course, the top and bottom have padding, but they are small – about a centimeter. And side frame is vanishingly small, couple-three millimeters. As a result, it turned out a compact smartphone, reminiscent of the sensations 4.7-inch iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, but already with a 5.5-inch screen. Here you have the main advantage ratio 18:9 replaced 16:9, considerable increase of the diagonal of the screen when reducing the size of the housing. Before the 5.5-inch smartphone was perceived as such a big shovel. And now before us Vertex Impress Nero – an elegant device that will suit including girls with tiny hands.

On the left, Vertex Impress with Nero 5.5-inch screen format 18:9, to the right 5.5-inch Xiaomi Mi A1 with a 5.5-inch 16:9 screen. Xiaomi is noticeably longer, wider and more massive.

Pay attention to one important detail: the corners of the screen rounded. Often they are left straight, that does not look very nice. But in the case of Vertex Impress Nero them rounded, as in some LG V30+ 60 thousand rubles. Or, as in iPhone X 70 thousand. This design “trick” we recall seeing in a smartphone for 6 900 rubles! This is the first budget smartphone which this feature is implemented. All, without exception, the competitors in the budget segment, the corners are straight.

In General, again: Vertex Impress Nero looks very cute. And obviously more expensive than it actually is. Anyway, from the front. And what about the rear? The rear part also never disappoints: it’s metal. Pleasant to the touch, durable and a cooling hand.

As we have said above, Vertex Impress Nero – the first budget smartphone, which combines two key design trend: metal + screen format 18:9. And metal, perhaps no less important than the “elongated” edge-to-edge screen. For example, look at the same smart phone Xiaomi: all models of this Chinese company with a similar price tag in the case of plastic. And Vertex – metal! And the metal is a reliable, solid and just nice.

Briefly go over the layout of the controls. Above the screen is a standard set of light sensors and proximity, earpiece and front camera. Sensors and speaker work as it should, there’s not much to spread.

The power key and volume adjustment located on the left side of the case. They protrude above the surface about half a millimeter, so to find them no problem.

On the top face of the housing is 3.5 mm headphone Jack…

…and on the bottom is the MicroUSB port (in the middle) and a pair of perforated regions. Under one is a media speaker (yelling more than adequately, and without wheezing), under the microphones. If someone does not know, so quite often do in smartphones. Slots for two, and many people think that speakers, too, two, but really it’s just for symmetry. But, again: to ensure rich sound Vertex Impress Nero enough and one speaker.

Rear main camera lens, flash and logo Vertex. By the way, the accent in this word should be solely on the first syllable.

On the left side of the body – a tray for SIM-cards. Alas, the model Vertex Impress Nero slots combined. That is, you can insert or two SIM cards or one “Simka” and one MicroSD. Not the best engineering solution – from some other models of the brand (for example, Vertex Impress Tor) slots separated that much easier. But, on the other hand, for most even top manufacturers a combination slots SIM cards and memory cards now the norm. Do almost everything. Smartphones with three slots – two SIM card and for MicroSD is more the exception. Although the exception, extremely enjoyable.

What else can I say about the case? The perimeter frame is made of glossy plastic. Surprisingly, after two weeks of wearing the smartphone in a pocket with coins on the frame did not appear scratches and scuffs. So that’s some clever glossy plastic – reliable and able to maintain their original appearance. This material is found in smartphones rarely.

Well, to say that the assembled Vertex Impress Nero very carefully. We have once compared this model with the iPhone, compare now: build quality is not much difference between smartphones, e.g., Sony, LG and Vertex, in fact. That, in fact, is not surprising: as we have said above, the Vertex is first in quality among brands. And actually plays in the same League with international manufacturers of smartphones.

As we said many times above, Vertex Impress Nero display of fashion in our time an aspect ratio of 18:9. That is, it is more elongated than the previous generation of smartphones with screens of 16:9 format. And the more elongated display, the more it can fit the information vertically, the less you have to scroll websites and documents. Well, in General: the big screen is good. Especially if we manage to make the body compact, just like a Vertex Impress Nero. The display, recall, is equal to 5.5 inches.

Vertex Impress Nero – though not the first cheap smartphone with a screen format 18:9, but one of the first. And it is exactly that Vertex Impress Nero – the first budget smartphone in which such wide display combined with the metal back cover.

The picture quality is excellent – Vertex Impress Nero used good and obviously not cheap IPS-matrix. Saturated colors, black color is almost black. Blame the screen for that. More precisely, there is one thing: the image is slightly out in warm tones. But this is not a problem, because Vertex Impress Nero there is a set of tools-settings to adjust the picture. You can change just the color temperature (warmer/colder), contrast and more. This set is provided by MediaTek, the maker of the hardware platform Vertex Impress Nero.

So Yes, the screen is still good. The resolution is 1280 x 640 pixels, i.e. HD. For smartphones budget level is a good indicator, Full HD them status is not allowed for in this resolution welcome to the segment of “more than 10 thousand rubles”.

Display glass covers. The finger slides on it perfectly – completely smooth surface without roughness. Multitouch, of course, supported – it is in every first smartphone. In Vertex Impress Nero he dvuhtonnoy. Not very cool. On the other hand, is enough for most of typical daily operations with a smartphone. Pictures can be zoom with two fingers is okay.

And here still what moment. In Vertex Impress Nero found a function which was loved by many old Nokia on Windows Phone. Namely, the inclusion of a screen with a few taps on its surface. A very easy “trick” that for reasons unknown to us, the majority of smartphone manufacturers (including top models) today ignores.

The hardware platform and communication
Vertex Impress Nero built on the chipset MediaTek MT6737 with four cores, overclock to 1.3 GHz. It is a quite typical solution for smartphones of this class. To expect from this chipset hurricane performance is not worth it. But! The interface of Android there is no brakes, the applications run without delay, Asphalt 8 (which is, perhaps, one of the most clever games in terms of graphics today), you can play without problems. What more could the average user, not gamer, and not a photo-video-maniac?

RAM Vertex Impress Nero 2 GB built – 16. In General, it is standard for a smartphone of this class. Not better than the other, but not worse.

Here are the results for paired benchmarks. Yes, the imagination they hit. But it is worth remembering two points. First: Vertex Impress Nero is 6 900 rubles, and for the smartphone for the money the results are expected. Second: all these figures are rather, um, academic value than practical. Because in reality in our tests, Vertex Impress Nero works smartly and allows you to play even 3D games. Without lags and delays.

As mentioned above, Vertex Impress Nero, you can install a memory card MicroSD up to 32 GB. The slot is located in a removable tray, find the right. We repeat: the slot is, alas, a combined or a second SIM, or the MicroSD card. Not the most convenient solution.

The smartphone supports LTE networks, including all relevant to the band – 1, 3, 7 and 20. There is even support VoLTE technology, which provides a noticeable increase in the quality of voice transmission during voice calls. Although this is more for the future – for VoLTE it still needs support from the operator, and the operators is not supported by all smartphone models. Best of all this things of “MegaFon”, and VoLTE, he has, alas, only in Moscow. It is curious that in the list supported by this technology models along with the flagships of Samsung, Apple, LG and Sony wormed and model Vertex. However, Vertex Impress Saturn. This is the first smartphone brand in the range of “MegaFon” with VoLTE support.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is also no problem, everything is running smoothly. With navigation, all more or less. We have already mentioned that smartphones with MediaTek chipsets is not always strong in this discipline. And it all depends on the manufacturer whether he can bring the navigation to the mind or not. In Vertex were able to do it. And model Vertex Impress Nero copes well with the navigation features. However, it supports only GPS but GLONASS, unfortunately, “not delivered”. Well, okay, the loss is not so great.

With photo and video quality this is typical for smartphones price up to 10 thousand rubles. Background blur in photographs is incredibly clear night pics, dual camera front and back – it’s not about Vertex Impress Nero. All of this can be found in smartphones price from 15-20 thousand rubles and above. A Vertex Impress Nero is 6 900 rubles. And so he gives regular fairly clear pictures in the day, when good lighting, and quite “noisy” in the evening and night. All as in all for big money, in short. Camera, if someone does not know – not always the strongest side of all budget smartphones, regardless of manufacturer.

Resolution main camera is 13 megapixels. It can record video in Full HD. The interface is as follows – all typical of smartphones with MediaTek chipsets (almost all of them have the same interface for photo and video, if anyone didn’t know).

Front camera a 5 megapixel. She can do “crossbows” that’s the kind of quality:

In General, we can conclude that in everyday life a good camera and its functions. But hardcore photographers, of course, a special pleasure from the image quality not receive.

Work offline
Battery, Vertex Impress Nero not the smallest in this class – 3 300 mAh. Some comparable models put of 3,000 mAh, some have altogether 2 700 any. So the hero of this material has a certain theoretical advantage.

In practice, it is confirmed: Vertex Impress Nero in normal operation, which includes a few hours of talking, a few hours of wandering around social networks, a few episodes of the series on the way to work and when on Wi-Fi on this work lives about two days. A decent result. Which, I suppose, managed to achieve not only due to the batteries with 3 300 mAh battery (which is slightly more than its competitors – see above), but thanks to a well-optimized firmware. Which does not waste the charge hurl.

The smartphone is running Android 7.0 Nougat. This version can now be called, if not fresh, then at least quite relevant. Especially for a budget device.

The interface is practically no different from what we see in the basic version of Android. That is, Vertex did not put in stupid proprietary launchers and stuff like that just eats battery power and reduces the speed.

Yes, there are a few preinstalled applications – mail from the search for “Yandex” and so on. But! They can be easily removed: Vertex you do not impose. And this is a very nice moment because we saw a lot of smartphones from which unnecessary software preinstalled it cannot be deleted. He was just Otel memory and irritated. And here – please delete.

Of unusual note a number of functions associated with the gestures. Well, there is activation screen by tapping (of which we have already mentioned above), turn off the ringtone by flipping the smartphone in the air and so the fact that this will benefit all owners of Vertex Impress Nero, of course. But there are also those to whom these small software chips like.

The smartphone supports firmware update over the air. At the time of testing, the updates were not available, so we had Vertex Impress with the latest Nero software.

Package includes user manual, warranty card, a paperclip to eject the SIM card and charger. Last, as usual, compound: MicroUSB cable and block for the socket. Unit 2 A, that is not the weakest – sometimes manufacturers of budget smartphones still on 1.5 And put. But most are greedy – 1 A. In reality, Vertex Impress Nero completely recharged in less than two hours, and if there was a 1 And then a full charge would take about twice as long.

And the conclusions are quite simple and laconic. Given a price of 6 900 rubles, the smartphone was, if not flawless, then close to it. Vertex Impress Nero looks very nice. First, remember the big screen format 18:9 with rounded corners. Vertex Impress Nero – the first smartphone for the money, with rounded corners: competitors with comparable price tags, the corners are straight, and it looks much worse. Secondly, the back cover is made of metal, and Vertex Impress Nero very pleasant to the touch. In fact, Vertex Impress Nero – the first budget smartphone on the market with such a combination of “metal + screen, 18:9 + rounded screen corners”. Throw in a good IPS screen, good battery and get almost the best option for the money. One more important bonus to the first Vertex position in the market of budget smartphones in terms of build quality: marriage less than 2% against 10% in the case of other manufacturers. Cons? They are typical for this class of smartphones: I would like a better camera and separate slots for SIM-cards and USB sticks.

However, making a General conclusion, let’s say, Vertex Impress Nero is the first smartphone in the price category “up to 7 thousand rubles”, which absolutely does not feel cheap. Although he is, in fact, is. And this is his trump card in the eyes of the budget, but demanding customer.

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