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Review of the best phones for today’s games

Mobile games in the modern world is gaining a tremendous momentum as a gaming platform is very strong and is growing rapidly. This is due to the fact that went clear tendency to the development of smartphones, which is almost everyone. Each of the manufacturers of consumer electronics aims to offer consumers something truly revolutionary and unique. But, along with new technologies is always increasing performance of the gadget, by improving its technical characteristics.

All this is done in order to allow users to quickly and comfortably use the features of the gadget. However, the greatest emphasis is for games, as digital entertainment requires more resources of the device. Therefore, we have prepared for you the top best smartphones for gaming that can not only fully reveal themselves, but will offer gamers something truly unique and new.

3rd place – ZTE Nubia Red Magic
This smartphone is perfect for gaming in an online casino that offers different slots, because there is a very large and clear display, which is approximately 6 inches, and its resolution – 2160х1080. Due to this, to play on such a gadget will be a pleasure as the device is able to easily pull even the most demanding game.

This will help him the most powerful Snapdragon processor 835, and a large amount of RAM – 6 or 8 GB, depending on model. As for battery capacity, it is 3500 mAh, which is enough for hours of continuous gameplay. We should also mention the unique design of the smartphone, which is executed in a brutal and very strict manner. On the rear panel of the unit has a designer line with a backlight, which allows you to clearly stand out in the crowd. The initial cost of the gadget is 25 000 rubles.

2nd place – OnePlus 6T
This brand has established itself very high quality, and powerful hardware, due to what many experts gave the previous versions of smartphones, the title of the most successful gadget of the year. The sixth version has not lost all its condition, as we have been able to reaffirm its highest quality of build.

As for the filling, here also everything is fine:
• Display – 6.4 inch;
• 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM;
• 256 or 128 gigabytes of internal memory, depending on configuration;
• Battery capacity – 3700 mAh;
As for the CPU, here built one of the top chipsets – Snapdragon 845. This solution will allow you to run the most demanding games on the highest graphics settings.

1st place – Asus ROG Phone
This device was created exclusively for gamers, as developers tried to do everything possible to make the gameplay was not only effective but also as comfortable as possible. This tells us high-tech HDR AMOLED display which produces a crystal clear image.

Its refresh rate is 90 HZ, and the duration of response is only 0.1 seconds. This will allow you to finish the fastest possible response time in the game, which is very important in multi-user projects where the player is required great speed and accuracy.

As for the internal filling, the Asus ROG Phone equipped with the top modern processes – 845 Snapdragon processor, which is overclocked to its maximum frequency is 2.95 GHz. Any delay or sagging frame rate in this case is impossible, even in the most demanding games. Along with this the gadget has an excellent cooling system and high capacity battery – 4000 mAh. Taken together, all this creates a truly perfect games smartphone.

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