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Revenge of the loser?

Месть лузера?

In Russia there are hundreds of thousands of guards, which no one notices. One of them became a suicide bomber.

An unemployed security guard professionally trained in small arms, on the eve staged a massacre in the heart of Moscow, near the main building of FSB on Lubyanka square, opposite the Central children’s store. His personality, which yesterday identified the sources of the media, a day later confirmed by the Investigation Committee. Mother, neighbors, and former friends told that 39-year-old Eugene Manorov was divorced, lived with his mother, friends had drifted from job to job, loved the weapons and participated in the shooting competition, taking the prize, but not first place, spoke fluent English, and three months ago, once again was left without work. If you don’t count knowledge of the language, this description could fit so many Russian men who have not found themselves in life — according to police, there are almost 700 thousand guards, and obviously not all satisfied with this realization. Shooting in Moscow — a tragic accident or first symptom of the social ills of society?

Vasily Koltashov, head of the center for political and economic studies at the Institute for a new society:


“Our society is dominated by material values. You have to be rich, successful. You have to have an expensive car, you have to dress well, and that’s the signs of success, it means that your life is good. It dominates many people, especially over men. They earn little, do not reach any career heights, because any pyramid is based on a wide Foundation. She is not composed of some vertices. And they’re not trying to find social mobility, because in Russia these elevators are very weird and is not where it should be, not in their Elevator shafts. And this situation pushes to irrational actions. Of course, if people were rational and smart, he would not have received.

Russian society is very individualistic. It is missing or seriously lacking ideas of a common cause. Each is in itself. And there is a big shortage of collective success. People can’t say: Yes, I work as a security guard, but we, Russian society, achieve great success, and we have it, and it turns out, my children, I’m sure everything will be fine… This feeling in people, if not quite no, it just has a huge deficit.

This feeling can arise only in the social state, social policy. Let my salary is small, but if I get sick — I will heal, my children go for free and still have a normal pension. I may not be the oilman to make a lot of money, but our government is fairly distributing wealth… the Lack of such a sense of self I would call a huge request for social reform, and, conversely, holding constant anti-social initiatives from the government leads to a different result.

On the one hand, there is no support in the collective imaginary, even, and on the other hand, seriously dominates the ideology of individual success. And people can not feel uncomfortable in his place. Wrote Marcus Aurelius, the man being in his place, should try to do everything well. But many people have a feeling that every place where they are, not their place because their place has to be higher, bigger, wider and sweeter. And when this is unattainable, there is a deep internal conflict.

When the main is of individual success if you are personally a failure, we have to conclude either you are poor or the environment. And not everyone can put the blame on yourself.”

Oleg Shein, member of the Duma Committee on labor, lipolytica and veterans ‘ Affairs, Vice-President of the Confederation of labour of Russia:


“Of course, there was a man settled in life, he would have had less stress. But in General, the person who goes and shoots an unknown why those who to him personally, the damage isn’t brought this, of course, mentally ill people. While I am not surprised that he is a member of the party “United Russia” because members of this party are peculiar to a certain kind of psychological split.

It is impossible, on the one hand, to increase the retirement age for themselves and their families and to support those who are thus to be screwed over. It is clear that the corresponding psychological state cannot be balanced and sustainable. Such people are obviously in need of specialized care. Otherwise happens what we saw yesterday on the Lubyanka square”.

Anna Ochkina, head of the Center for social analysis IGSO, sociologist, candidate of philosophical Sciences:


“I don’t think it was a conscious behavior of the social person, who understands what he’s doing. When you come in the power Department and start shooting — it is self-destructive, suicidal, and hence pathological behavior. And then, it is irresponsible, because you’re shooting people that are directly in front of you in no way to blame. Even representatives of the system they are very indirectly.

I would not consider the incident as a conscious social protest. You can see here the sign of the time that the system suppresses the man and then gets the momentum, but it in no way justifies people who shoot other people. Obviously, it was a failure, definitely not a variation of normal. Anyway, here we can talk about sociopathy”.

Alexander mimran, the General Director of the School of modern psycho:

Месть лузера?“In this specific case we are, by and large, do not have the information, and make generalizations problematic. But there is a category of people who are prone to illegal psychology called deviant — behavior. He has a lot of reasons, primarily constitutional. Scientists usually claim that it is primarily the issues of the curvature of the character, features of character, as a rule, the epileptic type, and they leave such behavior.

What social conditions give rise to people of this type. Social dissatisfaction with their place in the structure of social relations can push the person to such actions.

There is another important point: we live in a time when there are tremendous changes as the time began to move much faster. We don’t know what it was yesterday, even in space. Here we were not in any area for a month and come back, and there are already new houses are and the area we already know. There is a “temporary insanity”.

The rate of change in the social, natural, including climatic environment, causes the psyche to work in extreme mode. She had not kept up with these changes. And since not kept pace, she is breaking. Some people, this breakdown manifests itself in alcohol, drugs. Someone has a fracture goes through the vector of social violations, the criminalization of private life. Someone sees a way to get rid of this mental breakdown in the environment change.

Erich Fromm spoke of “necrofile the nature of” how about love for all the dead. Necrofile this trend can be analyzed on the example of yesterday’s “arrow,” in his desire to destroy. This trend is a “rescue strategy” of the individual against the destruction of their own psyche. That’s why these “arrows” from time to time appear. Especially often we see the Americans, where there are enormous changes in the environment. The result: every month, the case of school shootings, etc. We are no exception, we too, is changing, with whom we deal are not able to”.

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