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Reveals the secrets to successfully manage your time

Раскрыты секреты успешного управления своим временемThe researchers called the five secrets, thanks to which people will be able to master the art of time management.

First of all, experts say, you need to determine the priority of all the things you plan to do.

In fact, the urgency is an illusion created by man for himself. By and large, a huge number of jobs that we “heaved” for themselves, are not of paramount importance, and thus can be canceled. While they do not put off for tomorrow or for the week ahead – it only will only increase the stress and exacerbates the feeling of frustration because of his laziness and sluggishness.

In addition, should not be taken for those that is you can make other people. The work must be carried out projects and assignments, home should be supported in the manner to fill the refrigerator products and to monitor the cleanliness. But this does not mean that you need to do all this great work alone – sometimes to accelerate and facilitate the process can and must transfer their responsibilities to another responsible person. It is not necessary to regard this point as art can free yourself from without exception, all the cases and hang them on the neck of another person, it is the ability to allocate cases and to conduct joint work.

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Delegating to others their responsibilities, don’t have to pass those tasks that develop and enhance intellectual abilities. Here you can draw a parallel with the conduct of business: no one except the person who is not interested in promoting any of his ideas and, therefore, such a task is entirely worth it to take on. But the smaller the job, you just have to trust the experts.

The fourth rule is that, assuming some responsibilities that should stop some of the old obligations, otherwise the person risks being in time trouble and did not have time. The fifth secret is that if we take up some occupation, you need to make it to the max, and better than the rest.

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