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Reveals the mystery purple orange

Раскрыта загадка фиолетового апельсинаOrange posed no threat to human health.

A resident of the Australian city of Brisbane Neti Moffitt appealed to the authorities for health surveillance Australia with a request to clarify the reasons for the changed color of orange.

It is noted that the two-year-old son, Moffitt ate a few slices, when the woman saw that the remaining part of orange became purple.

“It looked like someone dipped the orange ink. But we have never had ink. I immediately thought that a child can be poisoned,” said Moffitt.

The results of the examination showed that the cause of the color change is a natural reaction between the natural antioxidants in orange and particles of iron on the newly sharpened blade of the knife. The scientists added that the orange posed no threat to human health.
“Usually we test samples of blood, urine, water and soil. The research experience of the orange was for our team a brand new,” said Stewart Carswell, chief chemist of the Department of health of Queensland.

Informed employees of the University of Sydney concluded that regular consumption of oranges has a positive effect on eye health.

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