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Revealed unexpected consequences of regular physical activity

Раскрыты неожиданные последствия постоянных физических нагрузокAmerican scientists have shown that physical exercise have a beneficial effect on intestinal microflora, regardless of dietary preferences.

Research published in the journal Gut Microbes and Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, reports Illinojsky University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA).

The first article describes the effects of transplantation of mice with sterile intestines of fecal microbiomes obtained from mice with low and high levels of physical activity. In mice that received microbes from the physically active mice, showed improvement in digestion.

The second publication dedicated to the observation of a small group of women with normal and overweight. Within six weeks they were regularly cardio, and the next one and a half month exercise stopped.

Observations have shown that intense exercise led to a sharp increase in women of normal weight, the concentration of butyric acid in the intestines and slight — fat. After the cessation of regular exercise the levels of butyric acid in the intestine among the respondents returned to their previous values.

Butyric acid is synthesized in the intestine, it is necessary, in particular, for efficient digestion and prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

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