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Revealed the working title of the new “Terminator” (VIDEO)

The father of the franchise James Cameron in an interview with online Entertainment Yahoo announced the title of the sixth film about the terminator. Working title, so chances are that the cinemas, the picture will get under a different title. However, this is something. Still Untitled Terminator Reboot sounds so-so.

So, the participants of the production process, called the new movie “Terminator: the Dark fate” (Terminator: Dark Fate). Known about the plot a bit, but the tape will definitely be a direct continuation of the second part (“judgment day”) and ignore everything below was shot on.

This time Cameron was limited to the role of the producer, and the Director’s chair took Tim Miller, the Director of “Deadpool”. The series stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton returned to their iconic roles, but there will be new main characters, with whom we have to meet.

In the caste of the new ribbon in addition to the names of the couple includes Gabriel Luna (“Agents of shield”), Mackenzie Davis (“blade Runner 2049”, “Martian”), Natalia Reyes (“the Saleswoman of roses”), Diego Boneta (“scream Queen”), and other actors.

We offer you a small record of interview of Cameron with Russian subtitles. There’s not only about the name but about the Iron Arnie about the Director and about how different Sarah Connor since our last meeting.

The Russian premiere is scheduled for October 31, 2019.

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