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Revealed the simple secret to youthful skin

Раскрыт простой секрет молодости кожиCosmetologists failed to disclose the simple secret of youthful skin.

To make the skin visually younger and fresh is not as difficult and expensive as it seems. In this case can help not only professional treatment, but a simple washing. The only thing you need to know when to wash.

Professionals in the beauty industry claim that the condition of a person reflect the daily cycles of activity throughout the day the skin can look better, then worse, writes the magazine “Health”. The most attractive, well-groomed and smooth skin on the face looks in the morning. This is due to the fact that the body rested over night and get rid of toxins.

“Especially healthy skin facial looks in the case, if eve was dealt a moisturizer,” said the cosmetologists.

But in the second half of the day, the skin loses its freshness, it can become more noticeable wrinkles. Skin blemishes appear sharper, since three-four hours of the day – this contributes to the locomotor activity of the person, habits and nutrition, and some physiological characteristics. All the complex leads to the fact that the skin becomes more oily and polluted emitted from the pores of fat.

To solve this problem easily. To return the face a fresh look, right after lunch you need at least a couple of times to wash, recommend experts. If the skin is prone to dryness and flaking, you can apply a bit of moisturizer – preferably fast-absorbing.

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