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Revealed the “mystery” of the Bermuda triangle

Раскрыта "тайна" Бермудского треугольникаScientists about 10 years studying the weather in the Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda triangle in the Atlantic ocean are dangerous because of aerial anomalies. These are the results of the study of American meteorologists from Colorado state University.

They are about 10 years studying the weather in the Bermuda triangle, writes Facenews.

“The head of research Steve Miller and other scientists have been studying satellite images of the area. With higher magnification images, the scientists saw in them the clouds of hexagonal shape. They are placed over the anomalous area. Clouds like this are formed because of the atmosphere of the ocean. Warm water evaporates off the rocks into the cool air. This forms a frame of clouds. While they are drifting over the Bermuda triangle and explode. The explosion formed a powerful air flow”, – says the publication.

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These streams of air cause of death of airplanes and ships, scientists say. After the explosion, a powerful gust of wind descends to the ocean surface. The interaction of atmospheric waves leads to the formation of strong turbulence. To get out of it technique is not possible.

A gust of wind that lands on the surface of the ocean can cause a wave. It reaches a height of 40 m.

Bermuda triangle — an area in the Atlantic ocean. This area is located between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and South Florida. It was first mentioned by the writer Vincent Gaddis in 1946. He had been writing about the disappearance of flight 19 — flight of five torpedo-bombers. They 5 Dec 1945, flew with the naval forces of the USA in Fort Lauderdale and never returned. The wreckage was never found.

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Gaddis, was also the author of the phrase “Bermuda triangle”, published an article “the Deadly Bermuda triangle”. In General, proponents of the theory think about the disappearance of about 100 large ships and aircraft over the last century.

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