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Revealed another secret of eternal youth

Раскрыт еще один секрет вечной молодостиThis drink is very simple to prepare

Garlic husks prolongs youth.

The white husk of the garlic do not throw away when you clean it. And collect and store. This is a valuable tool for the extension of youth.For this, each month I drink a drink made from the white of the garlic husk. This drink is very simple to prepare: take a handful of white husk of garlic and pour a glass of boiling water. Once the kettle has boiled, you have to wait 1 to 3 minutes, and then pour the water peel. To drink a medicinal beverage only after water in the glass is quite cool, it is approximately 6-8 hours. It is impossible in any case to drink hot or even slightly warm drink. In one day you need to drink 4 cups of healing drink. It can be prepared in advance, because usually the drink cold for a long time.

Men should drink from white husk garlic from the 10th to 20th of any month. And women can do it with 20 to 30 number. Your skin will soon become perfect. So white don’t throw away the husk, and collect it. It will be very useful to prepare the miraculous water.

So what is garlic husks so useful? What medicinal substances are there? If you take a piece of garlic scales and see under a microscope, it is possible to find cubic crystals of quercetin laid in rows. Studies have shown that garlic and onion skins contains 4% of antioxidant, bioflavonoid – quercetin. Natural biologically active substance belongs to the group of vitamin p. the Active ingredient — Quercetin: 3,5,7,3’4′-Pentoxifyllin. Is rutin aglycone.

Chemical formula Molar mass С15Н10О7 302,236 g/mol yellow crystals Density 1,799 g/cm; This is a wonderful and famous noisy today, the substance is also associated with apples. They, along with onion, garlic and green tea are considered to be the main source of quercetin. And since quercetin for one reason or another, most of us need higher doses, it is necessary to obtain from all these sources and, if possible, daily.

Dr. Atkins believed quercetin antihistamine best remedy and prescribed it to his patients suffering from various forms of allergies. However, most doctors it is known as a means of prevention of cardiovascular diseases. People who eat a lot of quercetin, significantly lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes and the likelihood of blood clots.

How to prepare a garlic tincture. To take and peel a head of garlic medium size (films that are on the garlic cloves to remove – they are particularly useful!) Then a good wash and pour over boiling water, plain lemon. To remove from it a peel, put the garlic and lemon rind in a blender and grind. The resulting mass is put in a glass jar and pour chestatee grams of cool boiled water. Vessel close.

Let the tincture stand in three or four days in the refrigerator. Then it should be filtered, and take 50 grams on an empty stomach (morning) for three months. Of course, preparing (well in advance, so it would not break) the new portion. The course is three months, drink a tincture, then make a month break.

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