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Reveal the secret of the game the Evil Within 2

Раскрыт главный секрет игры The Evil Within 2Gamers found in the PC version of the new caressed critically acclaimed horror film The Evil Within 2 of undeclared feature — the ability to complete the game in first person.

It turned out to activate this mode through the console. Early horror allowed players to switch between types of “over the shoulder” and “out of sight”, however this option have not stopped by in a game of this genre. She was in the series, The Suffering, Alone in The Dark and other projects.

Enable first-person mode in The Evil Within 2 is not as easy as it seems; as if the developers didn’t want anyone to know about this particular horror. First you need to make in the game console. Just like during the “prehistoric” PC gaming, where it was necessary to edit any labels or. ini files. Order The Evil Within 2 earned the console, you need to go to the library of Steam, choose the game, click the right mouse button and click “Options”. There, in the launcher settings, you need to enter +com_allowconsole 1. It should be noted that upon completion of these procedures, the console will be called Insert key, not the familiar and intuitive “tilde”. There is only one small detail — in fact, activating first-person mode. For this you need to run the game, call the console and type pl_FPS 1.

If the project is 15 hours and did not “tickle the nerves” is especially strong gamers (some even believe that he is not a horror), they should definitely try to beat the game with first-person. It is not entirely clear why the creators decided to leave this feature. Someone said that this was done for testing purposes. Others believe that we have before us the Easter eggs. As is the case in reality — is unknown. One thing is clear: The Evil Within walkthrough 2 first person — this is a brand new, terrifying experience.

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