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Reusing plastic bottles is dangerous for health

Повторное использование пластиковых бутылок опасно для здоровьяMany of us often use the same plastic bottle a few times, just filling it with water. But to do it categorically it is not recommended!

As shown by research, due to the reusable plastic bottles microcracks, which are favorable environment for the development of many dangerous bacteria and infections such as norovirus.

Some people think that rinsing the bottles are able to protect against the growth of microbes, but the problem is that because of the shape clear it completely is almost impossible. Therefore, the bacteria continue to grow and multiply accumulate with each use.

Not so long ago, canadian scientists have conducted several studies. For this they took for examination 76 plastic bottles from which they drank the students. The results stunned: more than half of them were not usable, and the number of bacteria in them was much higher than the permissible limits. The reason for this could also be the fact that bottle for a long time was left at room temperature. And in the heat, as is well known, the germs multiply even faster.

In another case, the study subjected the necks of the bottles, which were used throughout the week. As a result, in each of the samples were found to contain bacteria. Drinking water from these bottles can cause symptoms like food poisoning, and in some cases this can lead to an upset stomach and severe vomiting.

Rinsing plastic bottles with detergent can for some time to prevent the development of microbes, but is completely clean the inside of the tank is very problematic, so some of the bacteria still remain there. In addition, frequent rinsing, especially in hot water can damage plastic, and it will only aggravate the dissolving of chemical elements in the liquid. According to experts, re-use only glass and metal containers.

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