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Return to the World of Wild West in the second season (TRAILER)

Another svezhak of Comiccon in San Diego, where he was presented the first trailer for the second season of the TV series “the Wild West” (Westworld).

Shooting of the second season really has only just begun, so the video shows not a lot. We can assume that the project will return a few of the characters we already considered dead – it was not established whether the creators of the local robots, robot copies of themselves?..

In a futuristic amusement Park androids on the historical background of the scenery are the servants of men, fulfilling routine tasks, while at one point crashing the program doesn’t turn them into dangerous killers.

Return to “the Wild West” will take place in 2018. Recall that the Executive producers are J. J. Abrams, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa joy.

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