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Retired from “the battle of psychics” the magician went to the “House-2” for Maya Dontsova

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One of the youngest participants of the 17 th season of “Battle of psychics”, the knight Templar Denis Vysotsky after the retirement of the mystical project decided again to try his luck on television and went to the casting of the project “Dom-2”. And 21-year-old magician went to the telestroke already with the intended target — to party Maya the series.

Denis Vysotsky

24-year-old blonde won the heart of the MAG: “I happened to see on the screen of Maya in just a few days before left the “Battle” — said Vysotsky. — I liked her immediately, I had a desire to know this girl better.

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I decided to go to the casting, and openly declared that they were going to Maya. Already met her in person — she did not disappoint me. Don’t want to guess how things turn out, I look” — said Denis, in an interview

Maya with a friend to “House-2”


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Fans of Denis was pleased to see that they will be able to continue to monitor their pet. Many are already in anticipation of how Maya will meet a young mage.

By the way, Denis Vysotsky was not the first magician who went to telestroke. Earlier, the magician Vlad Kadono after the “Battle of psychics” also decided to try to find love on the project.

Maya Dontsova

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