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Restored smartphones are gaining popularity around the world

The marketplace for refurbished smartphones is growing from quarter to quarter and already boasts a strong scale compared to figures two years ago. The reason for this, in particular, and in a quite understandable desire of buyers to save on purchases, and manufacturers them the opportunity to give.

According to analysts from IDC, the market in 2020 will reach 222,6 million smartphones. Recovered mobile phones are sold quite officially: bought from scratch smartphones after a couple years of use often returned to manufacturers in exchange for even more new machines with a small surcharge. They change battery and sometimes other components, and then they arrive on the market marked Refurbished. Apple, note, earning some money (and she sells books with pictures from the Internet for $300 and removes a factory defect in the iPhone 6 for $150).

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According to experts IDC, the average annual growth of the market of recovered communication is slightly above the 22 percent globally and in the United States, not the poorest country, the growth rate exceed 29 percent. Indeed, why not save if the manufacturer gives guarantee on the repaired smartphones? However, not everyone wants to use second-hand equipment, so the market for new mobile phones is growing even faster.

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