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Restaurant critic Oleg Nazarov: “the Crimean prices just killed me”

Ресторанный критик Олег Назаров: «Крымские цены меня просто убили»

– Possibility to eat on vacation, to try unfamiliar dishes — how important is it to attract tourists?

It is very important. I even read somewhere that 60% of tourists go to new places not to visit the volcanoes, mosques and pagodas, and to eat and drink. People interested in new kitchen — no less than the sights. There is an idea to make a gastronomic map of Russia — I think it will be interesting for Russian and foreign tourists.

– Now actively developing tourism in the Crimea. In particular, wine destination. And for fans of the tasty snack it is interesting?

— The region has huge potential, you just have to realize it. For example, Crimean lamb is very tasty, nowhere is such not. And fish — mullet, bluefish, garfish, mackerel. However, too much oil is used when frying — this is all fish the same to me. And the prices just killed me! Kalkan (Crimean flounder) costs 500-700 rubles per 100 grams. Ask, what is so expensive. Say, are themselves taking on the market for 1200-1400 per kg. the Prices are very there rose in comparison with the Ukrainian period.

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— These are the laws of our business. There’s no amount of inspection bodies that you can be fined or shut down. There is nowhere such absurd claims. Here summer areas for cafes now appear. They have a border. Put visitor chair half a meter over the circuit — then in came the inspector, photographed and a fine of 80 thousand This is a real case, Moscow, Myasnitskaya street. The following penalty will be already half a million. And the contour is marked not only on the ground: if the umbrella is in favour of the border — is also fine.

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Another problem: there is no such rents.

Anywhere 8-10% of turnover, and if we missed the 30%, crossed himself and be happy. And as a consequence the mark-up entrepreneur makes is not 100% around the world and 200-300 and even 500%. As a result, in Europe, 50-60% of the population has the opportunity to go to restaurants in the East 80%, and we have 3-4%. Yes, in the center of Moscow restaurants are Packed, but I travel a lot and I know that not everywhere.


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