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Resourceful Armenian traffic cops cheered the social network

Находчивые армянские гаишники развеселили соцсетиThe blogger shared a funny story.

In year 1997 I flew to Armenia, and on the way from the airport to Yerevan policeman to pull me over. Get out of the car: “Why did you stop me?”.

“You drove fast,” replied the Sergeant. I looked around – neither in the hands nor in the car he didn’t have radar.

“And how much I was going?” – ask.

– About 80 kilometers.

– How do you tell?

The response was damning: “by eye”.

I have to take away the power of speech. I have used the four years in Ukraine, speak the language of facts and not found the answer to this “argument”. Not yet interfered with the Pope and not put a traffic COP in place.

After a couple of days I was stopped by another policeman and said that I violated the solid axle. I looked around – poor road, no hint of a line, or even piece of paint.

In response to my surprise, the policeman explained: “You had to go, imagining a solid line. And holding your lane. And you crossed an imaginary line”. And in that moment, dad was not there – I lost the “logic” serviceman.

Now in Armenia it is all about the equipment. All go at the required speed and almost never break the rules. But there were also times.

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