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Resonant suicide of a woman in the Kyiv region: the details of the tragedy. Video

Резонансное самоубийство женщины на Киевщине: детали трагедии. ВидеоThat woman committed suicide, assured the relatives of the deceased and neighbors.

The woman, whose body was on Monday found police officers in the well in Zgurovka, Kiev region, had committed suicide.

Daughter of the deceased said that her mother was suffering from cancer and in the last six months, the disease worsened. On a woman’s body has ceased to operate painkillers. Physicians, after recent surveys reported that her life is very long.

The night before the daughter woke up and found that the mother is not. To go far, she could not, as before going to sleep she was injected with drugs.

“I courted her, did not sleep at night, fell asleep, did not notice that came out of the house,” she said.

The woman went to the police, but decided to wait until morning. To help, the police were called and the neighbors, checked the entire area and even the adjoining graveyard. And then one of the neighbors saw a half-open door of the well, which for many years no one uses it.

“I thought that the well open in the morning, but did not look, went on the farm, and then noticed something scared me. Had gone to the neighbor, we came, he shone his flashlight – and there really is”, – said Natalia.

On the scene called the rescue team who found the body of the deceased at a depth of 5 meters. They pulled him out with ropes.

That woman committed suicide assured the relatives of the deceased and neighbors.

“Strength is not enough to endure the pain, and is done” – believe family and added that it was her decision. They said that the last time she spoke several times about wanting to leave the life due to the horrible pain.

Cancer in women discovered five years ago. Doctors performed the surgery, came relief, but in the spring of this year, the disease returned. All her life she was a nurse and knew that the chances of recovery she doesn’t. This was confirmed by x-ray, which she did three weeks ago. Doctors predicted maximum month of life.

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