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Resonant scandal, Svetlana Loboda: new details. Video

Резонансный скандал вокруг Светланы Лободы: новые подробности. ВидеоThe scandal Loboda with journalists reacted well-known producers.

Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” has released a program dedicated to the singer Svetlana Loboda. During the filming of the project between the artist and journalists scandal. The latter accused the guards of the actress in the attack (which was not confirmed during the Prosecutor’s check — ed.).

All this unfolded against the background of preparations for the Kiev concert of the singer, which the journalists of the pros called for a boycott, remembering the speech of Svetlana in Russia. The show eventually took place: a concert in Kyiv sports Palace was sold out. The same channel produced a program about the artist in a critical manner. However, to protect Svetlana were the representatives of Ukrainian show business, who believe that the channel is consciously engaged in bullying the singer.

“After today’s “benefit” Svetlana Loboda and Natella Krapivina (producer singer — Lyme) on the pros, would recommend them to have one more Palace of sports. 20 minutes in Prime time a lot of PR do not go unnoticed. Time is such a baiting — so good people in the spotlight. Phrases taken out of context, was mounted in a contrived way… the theme of success in other countries. Talked about performances on the Days of Victory in the Kremlin, and showed footage of the concert on inter,” commented the seen producer Oleg Bondarchuk. According to him, when the program remembered all the shots of the artist in Russia, showed charts and tour an apartment in Moscow, it seemed to him that he looks “a kind of jaundice on NTV, there is a similar program, the more everything was in Russian language.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The position of the custom-made nature of the plot parts producer Sergey perman. According to him, this is not the first example of “mochilova” Ukrainian artists, and tomorrow on the site Svetlana Loboda can be anyone. “Mixed with shit worthy people who honestly do their job, which bend over backwards to make this country something else to be proud of. I didn’t believe the talk of a custom “mochilovo”, now I don’t doubt it,” says perman.

Producer and Director Alan Badoev was brief and noted that “1+1” has turned from an intelligent channel into the gutter. “Tasteless soap soap! 1+1 the shame! From the intellectual channel, which had developed a taste Ukrainians to turn into the gutter. A dangerous trend”, — shared his opinion Badoev .

The producer of the singer Alyosha Vadim Lisitsa also does not believe in the objectivity of the show: “Hammers, pistols, some kind of Mike, even though he was not Misha at all (talking about the security guard of the singer — ed)… Ukrainian sensation — cheap zakazuha. Disgusting that previously respected the channel has lost this respect”.

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