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Resonant scandal surrounding the Radio “News”: appeared the reaction of Ukrainians

Резонансный скандал вокруг Радио "Вести": появилась реакция украинцевUkrainians mostly supported the decision of the National Council on TV and radio.

Social networks responded to a report of the voluntary dismissal of the staff of the Radio “Vesti”.

The opinions of Internet users were divided: some claim a violation of the right to freedom of speech, the other is called the closure of Radio the first step process of cleansing the media landscape of the country.

The latter view was expressed, in particular, the well-known anticorruption Karl Volokh. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“I’m not a Deputy, and I don’t need a rating. I’m not a scientist, and I don’t need customers. So I think, first, almost two years ago put on “ignore” a group of Ukrainian mass media, are financed from sources openly anti-Ukrainian, ceasing to appear at them in the air. Recently, however, saw the statement by the group of experts also expressed the view that self-respecting specialists should not cooperate with such media. I hope that the closure of Radio “Vesti” is the first step in the process, he wrote.

According to Volokh, the Radio News should be followed by TV channel NewsOne and some other media including paper and online publications.

Recording left a lot of interesting comments. So, Tanya Shvets believes that despite all the efforts, TV in Ukraine continues to implement somefunction, and Natalia Lysenko recalled that the Radio “Vesti”, appeared in Ukraine “with the war”.

And only Alexander Melamud believes that without the opposition, the media, citizens are more difficult to obtain a true picture of today’s events.

In turn, Yuri Tkachev considers that the persecution of the Radio “Vesti” is “in the uncontrolled collisions in the new media for the lack of enthusiasm”. However, he is surprised by the reaction of the journalists who instead of defending his position, decided to resign. “That or some very clever language that is understandable not just all or trash. Ie, if tomorrow the government wants to squeeze them, say an apartment, they should say “we will not fight with their country” and humbly to move out to live on the heating duct?”, he writes.

Ksenia Vitryak also mocks the decision of the journalists. “Heroes!) Although it would seem – still will not work!)) And that’s it. Asceticism. Sacrifice for the sake of Ideas. Voluntary. Collective. Victory through defeat. Death and Rebirth. Transformation. Scorpio. It is Russian!)) Orthodox pulse) So I love him)”, she wrote.

We will remind, about the decision of the staff of the Radio “Vesti” leave before said host of “Topic of the day” and “after the fact” Dmitry Tuzov. The occasion was the decision of the National Council on television and radio denied license renewal, “Radio News”. In holding “Vesti” called the decision illegal.

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