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Resonant scandal surrounding the children’s garden near Kiev: new details

Резонансный скандал вокруг детского сада под Киевом: новые подробностиAppeared the reaction of the authorities in PE in kindergarten.

The scandal in the kindergarten in the town of Vorzel in the Kyiv region, where the head threw 5-year-old boy face on the floor, is a criminal offence. It is possible that the teacher may be deviation in the psyche, and so she committed such a sadistic act.

Such opinion on air ObozTV was expressed by the Director of the Department of social policy of Kyiv city state administration Yury Krikunov.

He stressed that one of the characteristic features of the Ukrainian society is the rule – children can not be beat. As an example, he cited the events on Euromaidan, where the special forces “Berkut” severely dealt with students that caused anger among citizens. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The Director noted that a scandal in Vorzel need to conduct an extensive investigation, and psychologists should help the child and relieve stress, which he received.

“We have to see that with the head, which afford this… There are certain mental disorders. You know, the doctor who long works as a surgeon, starts to hurt, sorry for the cynicism, but there is such professiolnal sadism”, – said Krikunov.

The expert suggested that the teacher happened to professional burnout and she “just can’t control it”. “Certainly she needs to think about what she’s not supposed to work in this position”, – he stressed.

“A civil servant who did so should be held accountable under the law. There was not just a violation of labor discipline, and in fact happened a criminal offence”, – said Krikunov.

Answering the question, who in this case needs to leave the garden – the injured boy or the head, he said, “I in place of parents just would not go back to your child.”

During the meeting, the Director of the Department noted that Ukraine should create an effective system that is supposed to protect the rights of children. “In this case, violated the rights of the child”, – concluded the screamers.

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