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Resonant scandal “kievavtodor”: new details

Резонансный скандал вокруг "Киевавтодора": новые подробностиThe head of “kievavtodor” Klitschko reported about the situation at the enterprise.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko called for a meeting of the city Council of the head of the municipal Corporation “kievavtodor” Alexander Gustelev to about the situation at the enterprise.

This was reported in the press service of Kyiv mayor.

“We are for transparency and openness of all structures and enterprises of the capital. And now I called the head of the municipal Corporation “kievavtodor” Alexander Gustelev – that we, in this hall, got the information and explanations yesterday there occurred”, – noted in the beginning of the session of the Kyiv city Council Vitali Klitschko. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

During the report the Director of “Kyivavtodor” said information “accompanied by a bright picture with a bunch of cash and a mass of rubber stamp companies unknown” is not true.

“Granted, and during the search discovered the solicitation documents, contracts, payslips, certificates of the executed works. Specified in the court order things or documents (double (black) accounting, unofficial seals and stamps, documents with double-entry bookkeeping, forms with stamps etc.) was not found! During the search do not exist – as in the Director General’s office and any other premises of QA “kievavtodor” – anything of value, currency, money, jewelry, Antiques and so forth,” – said General Director of QA “kievavtodor.”

According to him, all tender procurement “Kievavtodor” in Prozorro absolutely openly and in accordance with the law of Ukraine.

Klitschko stressed that law enforcement needs to give a logical explanation for differences in information content that appeared in the media and in the protocols of law enforcement.

“If there are facts, evidence, guilty, we will not cover and they should all be held accountable. I want to note that just a week ago, a similar situation was in “kievpasstrans” – also searched, also announced millions in losses, and in fact the evidence is not found and not brought,” – said the mayor of Kiev.

Therefore, said Vitali Klitschko, the security service should conduct an internal investigation of these incidents.

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