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Resonant scandal, Alla Pugacheva: new details

Резонансный скандал вокруг Аллы Пугачевой: новые подробностиTo the “beating” singer was joined by the scandalous publication.

In Russia is becoming more resonant scandal of singer Alla Pugacheva. As it became known, a resident of Rostov-on-don, wrote a petition to the Directorate of the First channel, in which he demanded to “remove” from the live Russian pop diva.

Why it happened, tried to understand the controversial Russian edition.

“” has published the opinion of a secular Explorer Alena’s Zigalovo about how 67-year-old Pugacheva has ceased to be the flagship show business in Russia.

“The petition in the name of Konstantin Ernst (General Director of the First channel. — Ed.) with a call to banish Christmas from the screens of Russian show business, headed by Alla Pugacheva a day gained more than a hundred thousand signatures. Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable”, — the expert believes.

According to her, for almost half a century on the stage of the respectful tone in relation to the merits Pugacheva kept all — from colleagues to the scene to mere mortals.

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“For many years the national actress of the Russian Federation has always evoked a full range of feelings of the Russians — from the banal everyday of curiosity in her string of husbands and favorites to ineradicable craving for fulfillment in the feasts and in the karaoke bars of her timeless about the iceberg, the ferryman, and the love which is like a dream. Joe, and myself from year to year wisely spurred the interest of the whole country. Alla went and came back, got married and divorced, played a social worker, suddenly being a part of the party Mikhail Prokhorov and publicly quarreling with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, making his own business selling shoes, perfume and chips, received the order from the hands of the presidents, and three and a half years ago and completely killed the country on the spot news of the birth of children from a surrogate mother,” shared Zhigalova.

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According to the critic, Pugacheva used to be the flagship of the Russian show-business, to reign, bringing to a trail of enthusiastic or disgruntled whispers.

“The worst dream of any artist to be unclaimed, or worse, cause irritation, or, God forbid, his party — switching to another channel in the new year’s eve, she too seemingly not threatened ever. What happened to the inviolable authority of the prima Donna in the morning, when compiled as an ordinary viewer from Rostov-na-Donu petition on fashionable in recent time the site blew up the social networks and forced thousands of people to start a multiplayer picket “Get Pugacheva Christmas TV”? The answer is simple. Alla Pugacheva has ceased to feel time and lost touch with reality,” — said the expert.

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