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Resonant murder of the motorcyclist in Kiev: fresh details

Резонансное убийство мотоциклиста в Киеве: свежие подробностиThe car from whom shot at the motorcyclist, was found.

Police continue search for suspect in the murder of a motorcyclist.

The tragedy happened in Kiev, Kharkiv highway near a supermarket “Silpo”.

At half past nine evenings the biker stopped at a pedestrian crossing at a red light, and at that time two times fired the car drove.

As it became known, was shot from a traumatic gun. But the distance was very close and the bullet passed between the ribs, hooking vital organs.

– I drove away from the store. After the shots turned his head to the side as all the people nearby. Biker, shouting, rolling on the turf holding his leg. So I thought that it came to legs. To the wounded rushed a lot of people. Even could not think that will end in death, – says Tatiana, witness of the tragic incident.

Yuri K. the deceased was 26 years old. He is survived by his wife and two children. The young man was in the biker community, on the scene immediately, someone brought half dead from the grief of the widow.

Is my childhood friend. The chiropractor. Spins people put, – wrote in “Facebook” friend of the deceased. The guy was not scandalous, muddy Affairs is not cool.

Accommodating the character of Yuri was confirmed to us in public organization “Morehelp”, which is now helping the family of the deceased.

Versions of what happened and the identity of the suspect, the police did not disclose, but the Internet has named 30-year-old Dmitry Slepchenko. He allegedly was a yellow Seat Leon, which were made shots. Car for sale a few months ago. The day of 25 may, the car was found abandoned in Gnidyn village not far from Kiev. A host keep looking. Eyewitnesses say that the driver Seat was a girl, shot from the passenger seat. If so, then the young lady may become an accomplice to the crime, helped the arrow to disappear, leaving the wounded in danger.

About Dmitry Slepchenko know that he’s an athlete, Vice world champion in sumo wrestling.

He’s very aggressive, says one user, “Facebook” Vladimir Fierce. – Trained with this character in the same hall 11 years ago. We had literally double-crossed, and during that time he was one great conflict in which nearly came to blows. The conflict was completely and totally provoked them and idiotic reason – he turned off the music that was playing and turned on your favorite rap full capacity so that the walls hummed. He correctly made the remark, which he almost got into a fight.

According to Vladimir, friends told him that Slepchenko twice fought right in the room with visitors.

According to the participants of the discussion of the tragedy, there may be two versions: Slepchenko and Yuri was some ancient conflict, but it’s not very likely. Most likely, the biker clipped the car of an athlete, and he decided to “teach a lesson”, showing off the steep face of his girlfriend. Such conflicts often happen on the roads of Kiev and often comes to shooting from trauma. But no such terrible consequences.

Резонансное убийство мотоциклиста в Киеве: свежие подробности

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