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Residents of Sumy Khrushchev live in appalling conditions. Video

Жители сумской хрущевки живут в ужасных условиях. ВидеоResidents of Sumy Khrushchev revealed how to live in a house with a leaking roof.

In Sumy residents of one of the houses complained about the fungus and the huge cracks in the walls, the size of 10 inches over 50 years, the building was not any major repairs.

After construction in the 70-ies of the last century Sumy “Khrushchev” never repaired, and now there is a ragged wall, pieces of plaster on the floor and slit width of a few fingers.

“If to touch him, the window will just fall out on the head of the people. When there is rain, snow and up to 4 – th floor standing water,” complained a resident of the home emergency Natalya Zemlyuk.

While on the roof no gutters to drain rain, and because water flows through the walls the Windows, which are covered with fungus, despite all the efforts of the owners.

“Already tried all the paint, removed all the putty, fungicide all in my day, but nothing helps,” added the woman

In turn, another resident of this house said that “there’s a wall rots completely, all the fungus, there’s a window falls out, because the wall is also crumbling – we live as on a powder keg”.

In addition, the constant humidity has led to the fact that the walls of the house began to fall bricks, and because the housing Department workers immediately began to patch the emergency portion of the wall – it is covered with concrete blocks.

While repairing the cause of the flooding – the old roof comes out.

“We wrote letters to the Department of infrastructure to this year, last year, it was included because there is 70% of the roof is almost gone, it is necessary to do all the gutters along the perimeter of the house is also already rotten,” – stated the Director of the municipal enterprise “Somatechnologies” Sergey Krupa.

Experts believe that to save the building can only overhaul the roof and the sewage network, which will cost 300 thousand hryvnias. The housing Department has no such money, and they advise people to maintain their housing on their own.

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