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Residents of Saratov explained his reluctance to have children

Жители Саратова объяснили свое нежелание рожать детей

Residents of Saratov responded in social networks to data of the accounting chamber, according to which the population of Russia is declining for the fourth consecutive year.

The Agency said that, despite appeals of the authorities to improve the demographic situation, from January to August were born in Russia 994,3 thousand people — 83.8 thousand less than the year before. During the same period in the 1.2 million. In 32 regions of the country died in 1.5-2.1 times the people than were born.

“About any effort to lift the demographics of the authorities say? About increase in taxes, retirement age, credit bondage, the increase in utility tariffs, fines, destroyed ecology, medicine and mass repression?” — commented on the news of the reduction of the population of residents of Saratov in “Vkontakte”, wrote “Репортер64”.

“One of the main reasons for the falling birth rate — an almost complete destruction of production. No job, no money, nothing to feed his family, but before the usual hard workers were given apartments… But save up for it with the salary of 15 thousand roubles to the dilapidated plant is not possible. With the current prices on children’s clothing, baby food and medicines, the third member of the family is too heavy a load. And why do we produce the same misery? We don’t want children to suffer just like we do,” suggested one of the local residents.

“When they have to survive, what kind of population growth can be a speech? I don’t want my children to live in such conditions. That’s why many people emigrate to more favorable for the common people of the country, and we will experience demographic decline” — said another user of the social network.

“Most people with starvation wages and hungry kids even in a head will not come out to the rally — they have other priorities. The Moscow protests have shown that there do not go to the poorest segments of the population. That is why they are so afraid of young people and so hard to suppress her protests. They have mortgages and children, they are only responsible for ourselves and therefore for power as a threat. But youth does not want to become slaves and not in a hurry to give birth,” — says another saratovec.

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