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Residents of Rybalsky Peninsula was left without a pharmacy

Жители Рыбальского полуострова остались без аптек In KCSA told how to achieve the opening of pharmacies in the area.

The authorities are not able to open the communal pharmacy in Kiev at the request of several citizens.

This was announced by the head of the trade and life of Kyiv city state administration Denis Pikalov.

Residents of Rybalsky Peninsula complain to the KSCA, in the local health facility was closed and is now a pharmacy buy drugs nowhere and the nearest pharmacy to go 40 minutes. The official noted that to solve this question is quite difficult.

“In order to access, say, the same utility the pharmacy will need to spend the taxpayers’ money. Therefore, this cannot be done only at the request of one or two citizens. For private entrepreneurs, we can’t force them to open shop in a particular sector. This will lead to problems: in one place there is an overabundance of the same chemist’s shops, and in the other they are not enough,” Pikalov said.

He said that the city could solve this problem, for example, the creation of a special open base for entrepreneurs. Database would help them to make decisions where best to invest money.

“With the help of this online entrepreneurs should see, in what sector there is a need for pharmacy kiosks. Then the business would be interesting to open such a facility, because there is no competition,” added Pikalov.

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