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Residents of Krivoy Rog were lucky enough to watch the UFO

Жителям Кривого Рога посчастливилось любоваться полетами НЛОThe witnesses told about the incident.

Early morning of April 12 in the village Nedaivoda under the Curve of the Horn was seen in the sky strange phenomenon, most likely, unnatural character.

The phenomenon consists of a group of glowing against the dark sky of dots moving in an orbit in the form of an ellipse of size is visually about 20 centimeters. Later he appeared next to him a few smaller similar objects. After standing for 15 minutes, they gradually withdrew. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It is worth saying that this is not the first case when inhabitants of Nedayvoda notice unidentified flying objects. Typically, they are deployed in the area of the ancient mound complex located in the area of the state reserve “Inguletsky step”.

A few years ago, a similar strange cluster of “stars” was seen and the villagers Cheerful Thorns. So it looks like the outskirts of Krivoi Rog have long been under the surveillance of extraterrestrial civilizations, if, of course, modern scientists are able to prove the reality of their existence.

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