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Residents of Kiev began to attack infected ticks

Жителей Киева стали атаковать инфицированные клещиThe people of Kiev told how to protect themselves from insect pests.

In Kiev recorded this year’s first cases of pincer attack on the person.

This was stated by the head of the Main Department of Gospodarevskaya in Kiev Oleg Ruban.

Since March 2 in the capital’s medical institutions have already addressed six of the victims (at 17 March). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“You can say that the season of the pincer attack has already begun. The balance sheet is still not too late to conduct a tick event,” – said Ruban.

Also the head of the Metropolitan Gospodarevskaya noted that in the case of the accident, which may occur as a result of infection from the bite of an insect, the lessee will bear administrative and criminal liability.

Lyme borreliosis

Recall that in Kiev there is encephalitic tick bite which can cause death. But some of these insects can carry borreliosis (Lyme disease).

Diagnosing Lyme disease is difficult because its symptoms resemble the flu and acute respiratory infections: the victim appears fever and chills. If the disease is not treated, it can adversely affect the human nervous system.

In the case of a tick bite, doctors are advised to immediately go to the emergency room, their addresses can be found here.

How to minimize the risks of attacks of mites?

Before leaving for the outdoors, need to dress in light-colored, long-sleeved, tight-fitting clothes, to make it easier to see crawling insects. The head should be covered with a hat;

– To carry out during a walk through inspection every two hours and again at home;

– Free from dry grass, branches, twigs within a radius of 20-25 m place to rest;

– Home immediately to change clothes, linen, carefully take a look at them, to wash and to iron. It is impossible to keep the clothes near the bed or sleep in it. Shaking out of clothes does not get rid of mites;

– Should also be examined for mites on your dog before you let in the room.

– Use insect repellents (repellent of ticks). Drugs should be purchased in the pharmacy network, apply according to instructions.

More often sticks ticks?

Clinging to the clothes of a person, the mites crawl to the body and attach themselves to the places with the most thin skin: behind the ears, on the neck, armpits, in the groin area. So, after returning home, be sure to inspect yourself for ticks.

You can remove the tick independently?

In the absence of the possibility to consult a doctor to eliminate the parasites hold on your own: shaking the tick from side to side with your fingers wrapped with gauze, tweezers or a loop of thread that should be reinforced between the proboscis of the tick and the skin, should be slowly removed together with a proboscis.

After removing the tick place suction grease with 3% solution of iodine, alcohol or Cologne. If the proboscis remained in the wound, it is removed with a sterile needle. After removal, wash hands with soap and water.

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