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Residents of Kalinovka scared weird flash

Жителей Калиновки напугала странная вспышкаLocals even prepared for evacuation.

This week marks a month since the massive explosions of artillery shells at a military depot near Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region.

Recall, late in the evening of 26 September, the Arsenal began to explode the shells. They damaged more than 70 homes and other buildings in the village and surrounding villages, nearly 30 thousands of inhabitants of the area had to evacuate to other localities. The explosions lasted for about a week, then rescuers engaged in mine clearance.

And just recently, local residents of the village of Bykovka (located 16 km from Arsenal) again began to prepare for evacuation. “On the horizon in the direction of Kalinovka appeared to glow. We got scared — thought it was a new PE Arsenal. Quickly began to prepare to evacuate, along the way, found out by phone what had happened. It turned out that it’s some kind of doctrine, not explosions. Calmed down, unpacked, at the end of it. By the way, the neighbors said that the fields still find shells. They are protected by special ribbons and, apparently, the lifeguards will remove them soon (the rescuers say that mine action continues. — Ed.)”, — told us one of the residents of the village of Bykovka.

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The village headman of the village Pavlivka Victor kosobuckiy says he also heard that the reason glow of unknown origin was the conduct of the exercise.

In turn, residents of several nearby villages to the Arsenal told “Today” that a month after the explosions continue to repair their homes. “With slate and other roofing materials power help. But left unresolved the question of damaged items that were inside the houses. I know people who have crashed chandelier for 3000 hryvnia. Who will compensate the cost, and generally will, it is not yet clear,” — says a resident of Sochi Igor Vdovichenko. There are problems with the replacement of broken Windows. “I and some neighbors a few Windows still covered with tape. The authorities helped with the roofs and Windows of the case has not yet come. When it happens — is unknown, because the cold came in the house and then blows the cold wind as much as the Windows condensate appears,” says Igor.

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The village headman Victor kosobuckiy calm: “the Issue of replacement of Windows at the control”. In the regional administration in response to our question about whether the government offset the cost of damaged belongings, said he would try. “Looking for a mechanism that will help solve these issues,” — said the speaker of the regional administration Svetlana Vasilyuk. In addition, according to local residents, some villagers whose houses were beyond repair, the government bought in the same localities other houses.

Investigate still, as a diversion

Now the case of the explosion of the Arsenal transferred to management of SBU in Vinnytsia region. As it became known “Today”, in the framework of this investigation, investigators have resorted to a survey of local residents in search of additional information. In the secret service told us that the criminal proceedings are opened under article “Diversion”, appointed a number of examinations. And the locals told us that in the last days noticed over the stock lights, which at night illuminate the airspace above the warehouse.

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