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Residents of Donbass in the winter can remain without heat

Жители Донбасса зимой могут остаться без теплаDebt has risen to 145 million.

Residents of some settlements of Donetsk region can remain without heat in connection with the debt of the heatsupplying enterprises to energy in the amount of 145 million.

“OKP Donetskteplokommunenergo, KP Pokrovskoye, GP SelidovUgol remain the largest debtors utility company among the heatsupplying enterprises of the region. Debt Donetskteplokommunenergo is nearly 125 million UAH, Pokrovskoye – UAH 16.3 million units for district heating SelidovUgol – more than 3 million UAH”, – reports Department of corporate communications of the enterprises of the DTEK Energy distribution.

Due to the fact that the debts continue to accumulate, DTEK Donetskoblenergo is going to significantly limit the supply of energy to debtors. If the payment is not on time will be allowed, without heating risk remain residents of some settlements Volnovakha, Turetskogo, Slavic, Constantine, Liman, Pokrovsky areas and Kramatorsk.

We will remind, DTEK Energo is a part financially-industrial group SCM, shareholder is businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

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