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Resident of the United States in an original way have coped with the gang of robbers

 Житель США оригинальным способом справился с бандой грабителей American immediately became a local celebrity.

A resident of the town of Johnstone (Arizona, USA) Paul Horner became a local celebrity and a hero after single-handedly cope with a couple of criminals who tried to Rob a restaurant.

Restaurant Manager Ted Barkins says: “He simply was rattling off quotes from the movie “pulp fiction.” The robbers were confused and, in the end, get out.

The hero tells about his feat: “fortunately, I had the wallet that says “bad thing”. The robbers bypassed the visitors, demanding to give them the purses. I kept the wallet like Samuel Jackson in one of the episodes of “Fiction”.

A visitor to the restaurant Susan Litchfield recalls that the moment was terrible. “The robbers asked Mr. Horner what is in his hand. He calm voice said that the wallet says “Not so connected”. I haven’t seen the movie, so didn’t understand what that means. I just thought this guy is insane and that he was tired of living”.

“After I said about the wallet, the robbers like crazy. But I decided to continue in the same spirit, and said, imitating the manner of a black guy from my favorite movie: “normally, I would fry your ass like a fucking chicken but today I have something happened and I don’t want to kill you. On the contrary, I want to help you.” At these words the robbers looked at each other and rushed out of the restaurant, only heels sparkled. I knew that someday excellent knowledge of pulp fiction I will definitely come in handy.”

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