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Reservoir dogs vs mad dog

A few days ago a colleague of Pavlov introduced us to a curious project “the watchdog” (Bullet Head). Today arrived the Russian trailer of the movie.

Having a robbery throughout his life, three criminals find themselves trapped in a huge warehouse. And here the fugitives will have to fight not only for their freedom, and stolen money, but also for their own lives.

In the cast – Adrien Brody, Antonio Banderas and John Malkovich. In the Director’s chair – nastlannyj Paul Solet, known for the horror film grace (2009) and “the Dead” (2014). He also wrote the script, which was not only the robbers and the cops, but also a fair share of suspense, for the “production” which is responsible, mainly, the terrifying dog chasing heroes. By the way, if you believe the old Russian poster, then this dog is nicknamed “DeNiro”.

The very existence of a localized trailer and poster suggests that the movie will reach the Russian hire. To be precise, will host this premiere is 7 December 2017. Another reason for joy – the age limit, which is designated as “18+”. So everything will be grown-up, no nonsense.

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