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Researchers were told which beverage to drink driving

Ученые рассказали, какие напитки нужно пить за рулем These drinks will help get rid of fatigue.

Long road driving, especially at night, requires total concentration. And in order to effectively deal with fatigue and sleep, many drivers drink driving drink with a stimulating effect.

Classic – coffee, Cola-Cola and various energy drinks. The reason for this choice is simple – according to many, sugar and caffeine are the most effective stimulants to improve the tone and eliminate sleepiness. Allegedly, these beverages stimulate the Central nervous system, and therefore improve concentration and attention.

However, doctors and scientists urge motorists to abandon over-consumption of sugar and caffeine driving. According to studies, the ordinary mineral water cope with fatigue and drowsiness at times better.

Fatigue while driving does not occur instantly. At first appear the symptoms: traffic signs begin to appear blurry, you are constantly changing the speed and style of riding you feel the need to straighten the spine, feel the nervousness and chills.

The peak of the recession in biological activity observed between two and five in the morning. At this time the heart rate slows down significantly reduced cholesterol in the blood, respiratory rate and blood pressure. It was at this time on the roads happens to be the largest number of accidents.

How to fight fatigue behind the wheel
It is best to take a short break and sleep for 20 minutes. Then execute a small complex of physical exercises on the air “accelerates blood” and lead to tone the body. It is advisable to do these stops every 2-3 hours of the trip.

Tonics anti fatigue – myths and truths

Mineral water
Mineral water quenches thirst and nourishes the body with minerals and trace elements. This is the perfect drink driving, which is to drink often and in small SIPS. The only time – the mineral water should not be cold – this can lead to angina or indigestion.

Prepared iced tea in bottles
Tolerable drink for consumption at the wheel – it has sugar, but it is much less than, for example, Coca-Cola, and a small amount of caffeine. However, in the manufactured teas of many colors, acidifying agents, flavorings and other chemicals. Therefore, they do not get carried away. Use these drinks rarely, only if necessary. And it’s better to prepare iced tea for yourself, it is one of the best choices for anti-fatigue driving.

The best option is the tea – it invigorates, relieves tension and improves concentration. And add in tea, lemon – an additional ingredient for tone. Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and other fizzy drinks a lot (too much!) sugar, caffeine, flavorings, colorings and other nasty things. Eating such drink driving, will achieve not improve the tone, but on the contrary, tachycardia (tachycardia), nervousness and inattention. You will “dry” and you will drink and drink not able to drink.

Energy drink
These drinks “give you wings” only in advertising, in life, they have more harm than temporary good. Caffeine in energy drinks is relatively low, but sugar, taurine and different chemistry – “for the eyes”. For a short while energy drinks do tone and break up sleep, but very soon after the peak of the rise of energy is even deeper recession. That is, very quickly you will feel even more tired and sleepy than before drinking the energy drink. Also thanks to the various additives, these drinks are “dry” mucous membranes, and you will constantly feel thirsty. See ALSO: active safety Systems

Cup of espresso
A Cup of espresso contains about 80 mg of caffeine, daily dosage, is not harmful to the body of an adult is 400 mg of caffeine. This drink has a powerful tonic effect, the main thing – do not overdo the amount of consumed coffee per day.

Juices and herbal teas
These drinks are good for driving only in terms of quenching thirst. They can drink as much as necessary without any side effects. But special tonic properties they have. Conclusions so, the best drink which helps to eliminate fatigue driving, is mineral water and make their own iced tea (preferably green, and black). Everything else is either not valid or lead to even worse consequences.

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