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Researchers were told what the profession contributes to the happiness of man

Ученые рассказали, какая профессия способствует повышению уровня счастья человекаEntrepreneurship is a source of happiness and freedom.

In a survey of British experts took part 5 thousand respondents from UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia. The results showed that the most happy were the people who were engaged in private business activities.

The study authors note that despite the fact that in most cases the life of private entrepreneurs is associated with higher stress levels, and the income is unstable, they reported a higher level of happiness compared to those working in recruitment.

The results of the study also showed that entrepreneurs in completely different directions was more successful in their careers and feel more satisfied with their professional activities. In addition, private entrepreneurs have more opportunities to implement their ideas and innovations, which in turn gives them the opportunity to develop in the direction that they like.

“Entrepreneurs value their autonomy. They have freedom. For innovation, Express their thoughts and implement their ideas. They continuously gain experience and can take charge of your time and not to spend on as much time as people spend in hiring,” says study co-author Peter Warr from the University of Sheffield.

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