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Researchers have described how move giant sculptures on Easter island

Исследователи рассказали, как двигали гигантские скульптуры на острове Пасхи Accurate confirmation of the theory put forward yet.

Scientists offered another version of how were moved those multi-ton stone “Baba” from the quarry to the shore and even how they were dressed the 13-ton “hat”, painted in red color. By the way, the “body” and “hats” of these stone idols were made in different quarries, almost at opposite ends of Easter island.

Nevertheless, how do these statues and their “hats” they moved such a long distance, and the last was still up and dressed? A team of American scientists led by a University Professor Binghamton Carl Lipo (Lipo Carl) managed to combine the methods of physics, archeology and computer modeling, thus came to an interesting conclusion about what they told the world in the article of the journal of Archaeological Science.

That said about the anthropologist Lipo:

“We drew attention to the fact that the “bodies” of statues and their “hats” should remain the traces of travel, transportation, and so forth, as indeed in the soil, and they are almost there. And then we realized that these multi-ton statues could be moved only by “rocking” and “steps”, like moves, for example, heavy refrigerator in the house, even a weak man, tilting it on one, then on the other corner.”

“And the statues of Easter island were cut down to a “walking” stone “women” was the least labor intensive and most convenient. But “hat” just rolled and lifted from the sloping hills, made of sand and sea pebbles. Moreover, these “hats” wore on still cant stone “Baba”, which is then leveled off. Computer simulations confirm our theory. It was much easier than we thought” – said the expert.

Carl Lipo I am sure that the ancients knew many secrets, and therefore did not need when building those Egyptian pyramids or the Chinese some thousands of human resources. For example, such a task on Easter island had a small group of natives.

And solved the mystery of the construction of the statues of Easter island, and the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and other ancient structures?

However, not all researchers of the ancient world agrees with the findings of American scientists about the methods of installation of statues on Easter island, considering that this is just another version, and nothing more. The most progressive researchers of antiquity say that the team Carl Lipo correctly answered only one question: the ancients possessed knowledge that we have lost, and therefore build their guesses, once in the trap of our current ideas about the world.

For example, modern scientists are constantly evade such a sensitive issue (because from a scientific point of view, it has not yet been resolved) as the skill of the ancient inhabitants of the earth to control gravity. But in the modern world there are examples where some people in practice have shown that gravity is easy to “bypass”, whereby the movement of any heavy loads becomes child’s play, and even human flight is made possible (and the question in this case is not about levitation, although here and there the principle is the same).

For example, we have already talked about the man who solved the mystery of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids . It was an emigrant from Latvia Edward Leedskalnin, who alone and without the use of powerful modern techniques to build Coral castle (see video below) – a complex of huge stone blocks.

Later, he even did not hide that his whole secret is based on the ability to circumvent the law of gravity and that all the knowledge he learned from the extant documents that explain how the pyramids were built in Egypt (you just need to be able to read between the lines).

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