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Researchers found the number of aliens in our galaxy

Ученые выяснили число инопланетян в нашей галактикеAmerican researchers decided to find out what percentage of alien creatures inhabits the milky Way.

Also UFO said that do not doubt their existence. Unknown remains that if they want to get in contact with the earth’s inhabitants.

Calculations showed that the milky Way is 0.5% of all the aliens.

While previously, scientists speculated that relate to other locations of extraterrestrial life. Ufologists have identified three major planets, among which the celestial object is called Gliese 581g.

Next is planet Gliese 667Cc, which has temperature and atmosphere similar to earth.

And completes the list of the planet 85512 b, which may be inhabited by aliens, how many times it was noticed a mysterious activity.

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