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Research has proven the effectiveness of onion to improve your memory

Исследование доказало эффективность лука для улучшения памяти In the onion contains many nutrients.

A study by the international group of French and Japanese scientists showed that conventional onions is useful in that it helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the brain cells. The positive action of onion on the brain of scientific experts explain its rich content of active sulfur compounds.

Onions not only able to protect the body from harmful germs and viruses, according to scientists, humans who eat onions, to improve intellectual capacity and memory. The fact that the brain starts to work better after eating onions, due to the cleansing effects of its sulphurous substances, which activate the process of removing cells from toxins.

Due to this Central nervous system is actually getting younger, said the researchers. Trace elements of onion can have an effect on intellectual abilities, and they contribute to the normalization of emotional tone of the person.

Scientists say that eating a day 150 grams of onion, one gets half the daily requirement of vitamins A and C, the fifth part of the norm of potassium and calcium, which improve heart function and are the building blocks of bone health.

In addition, individual scientific publications have to say about that in Luke there are substances that can slow down the formation of malignant cells and prevent breast cancer.

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