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Reproach for M-11: what super-road was built between China and Pakistan

Укором для М-11: какую супер-дорогу построили между Китаем и Пакистаном

In response to the publication of the “New News” about the opening of the toll road Moscow – St. Petersburg M-11, which remained unfinished over 7 years of construction, a Russian entrepreneur Ivan K. sent a video clip of “wonder of the world of the 21st century” – the newly-built road between Pakistan and China. As they say, feel the difference!

Video captured on the Chinese road is an anthem and an ode of perfect engineering, modern Economics, and effective technology. To say that take your breath away when you look at the many kilometers of bridges and overpasses, then hovering over a mountain ridge, then falling into gorges and rivers, means to say nothing. How the hell did they do IT?! And not for 20 years, but only for 36 months!

But this route is only part of the transport project China-Pakistan economic corridor (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC) at a cost of $ 46 billion. In the framework of the already built motorway from Peshawar to Islamabad with a length of more than our M-11 to as much as two hundred kilometers.

“Here people the air does not shake and the like is not Armageddon!!!” comments video, our reader, a businessman, offering …“take from the oligarchs all stolen at auctions property, hire professionals and start to build the economy of the new Russia.”

In our opinion, sounds too categorical. But assessment criteria and the radicalism of the proposed measures are known to depend on the nature and scale of the tasks set by the state and society.

Recall that engineering marvel of the early 20th century was considered the TRANS-Siberian railway, built in just 10 years by decree of Alexander III (1891 – 1901 years). And then there was no computer design, no satellites, no super-powerful trucks, excavators, graders, or even experience such a large-scale construction in the conditions of Siberia and the Far East. The construction was carried out only at the expense of own funds of the state without the involvement of foreign capital. Annual average built 650 km of Railways, as of 1903, was laid over 12 million sleepers, 1 million tonnes of rails, the total length of constructed railway bridges and tunnels was more than 100 km.

And after all – sdyuzhil! And still use today…

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